College memories

Suddenly flooded with college memories, so here goes:

  • Going to a friend’s house to decide to what movie to go to, then argue among ourselves for hours, then decide not to go to the movie after all
  • Eating the best omelet of your life at 2 AM at that small shop near IIT in Adyar
  • Making up X, Y, Z theories about crushes, counter-crushes and who likes who currently
  • Misunderstanding upon misunderstanding because of a stupid nickname
  • Getting drenched with a friend for 2 hours as he navigates the insane traffic between college and Velachery
  • Consoling a friend at 3 AM in the night because of some idiotic misunderstanding about who she sat next to during lunch
  • Deciding to bunk classes because you wanted more Pepsi
  • Going to college from home, and deciding not to attend classes after all
  • One crazy internship which gave me more memories than semesters put together
  • The first Rotaract seminar or meeting where I learnt what college was really all about
  • The insane CSAU treasure hunt all over CEG on a rainy day
  • Brainscan
  • People coughing before your roll number so that you would miss attendance
  • Mokkais and counter-mokkais
  • 3 AM messaging the night before an exam
  • All those trips in friends’ cars
  • All those treats (esp Barbeque Nation) in the final semester
  • All those walks between Koturpuram gate and MBA Audi-Chem junction
  • Full meals in the canteen
  • 2 AM fights because of blog posts
  • 2 AM changes to Kurkshetra website
  • Night out when ROS was first conducted and we had a bug in the code when people actually finished the whole thing
  • That Ayan night show and crazy driving around later
  • That IV trip which I mainly remember as one huge fight between EVERYONE except one room where they slept off before anything started

2 thoughts on “College memories

  1. Ha Ha. I really enjoyed the last point! It’s quite amazing how there are certain characters which would always be around irrespective of place, time, situation, or surroundings!

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