Kalachakra – Part 2

Second part of the series. Previous part can be found here.

Chennai 6 AM

As the morning rays poured in through the curtains, Kesavan poured himself some coffee and watched the news. The effect was global, as expected. Stock markets across the globe were showing losses, at least the ones that had opened. A dozen Fortune 500 companies in the US had become worthless as of that morning. CEOs had that look of an animal caught in railway tracks watching the advancing lights of the train, knowing its fate was sealed.

It was amusing to watch the news channels scramble to invent some reason behind the collapse. Conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory was showcased. It was the work of the Chinese. The work of the Russians. The Nihilists had been reborn. Hitler’s lineage had somehow survived and was responsible. The 1% were responsible for the collapse.

He closed his eyes and savored the moment. It had begun. It would not be long now. He felt that unknown entity awaken inside him and he gave in to the visions. As always, he felt disjoint scenes and memories.

He was standing at the battlefield.. Bodies were strewn all around him. He felt sick sensing the death all around him. But he knew there was more to come tomorrow.

He was urging to pull the bow and send the arrow.. He was sending the arrow.. He was watching from outside the battlefield.. And he was watching from afar, in his mind’s eye..

He felt the purpose of his life ebb away with each arrow.. With every opponent killed, every head that rolled, his own life blood was spilling away.. In the karmic hourglass of the universe, his sand was running out.. Their sand was running out..

He felt the sorrow when he felt a part of himself die.. That part of him that he had always loved and respected.. Then came the death of the part that was his alone but shared.. And finally.. only the mind’s eye…  The eye that would not die..

He drew a deep breath and felt himself return to this world, to all its joys and sorrows. He turned towards his bedroom and gazed at her sleeping peacefully like a child. The sunlight played on her clear skin. His eyes followed her black hair as it fell across her shoulders and her smooth back right down to that little scar. It was hard to believe anyone could be so beautiful. She was smiling in her sleep, hugging the pillow tight. By all rights, her hair should be a mess after their night and yet she slept looking perfectly groomed.

He gazed at her some more. Then he returned to the living room and opened his laptop. There was work, grim work, to do.


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