For Victory. For Sachin – A TwitEpic

We WON! We WON! As I sit down to write this, I’m still feeling the heady mix of elation, happiness, contentment, and disbelief, which will be shared by a billion people all over the world. I don’t have the cricketing knowledge to comment on this brilliant match, so I’m not even going to try. Instead, I’m going to lead you through this epic final via a series of tweets.

The match started with the insane amount of hype that surrounds any big India match. The hope and the dream was for Sachin to make his 100th international century at his home ground. India started brilliantly, with Zaheer bowling the exact opposite of the way he bowled in his previous World Cup Final match. Sreesanth, on the other hand, did not handle the pressure well, leaking runs throughout.


My name is Sreesanth, Sreesanth ki jawani, I’m too costly for you, mujhe kabhi wicket na aani.Sat Apr 02 13:05:09 via TweetDeck

However, as the match progressed, and Jayawardene guided Sri Lanka to a very defendable total, all eyes were on Sachin. This was a total worthy of a chase by the Little Master.


Sachin ramesh Tendulkar, if there was ever a time, This is it.Sat Apr 02 13:23:24 via Twitter for Android


It was electrifying watching Sehwag and Sachin walk out, carrying the entire hopes of a nation on their shoulders. And then there was the terrible terrible second ball. And just like that, Sehwag was gone. India’s chase wasn’t off to a great start. Still, Sachin was there. We hung onto that name, and a billion hearts sent up prayers for Sachin to get his hundred. When Sachin got out, there was… silence. And disbelief.


ít cant end like this!! CAN’T!!Sat Apr 02 14:02:33 via web

Seeing God get out for the last time in a WC brings tears. TV off. Depressed. #wc11Sat Apr 02 14:27:26 via TweetDeck

NAASAMA POCHU!Sat Apr 02 13:32:30 via txt


People started leaving the stadium, not wanting to see the Indian Batting collapse which we’ve been oh so familiar with. This was when Gautam Gambhir decided to disappoint them, and bat like a boss under immense pressure. His partnership with Kohli was the foundation upon which the entire victory was built. After Kohli got out, he and Dhoni worked steadily to get within striking distance of the target again. Hope was back.

I hope the fuckers who left the stadium earlier are now trying to get back in and being laathicharged by mumbai policeSat Apr 02 16:13:43 via ÜberSocial


And then finally the defining moment of this World Cup – Dhoni stepping up and whopping it into the crowds. I love this moment of the match – The look in Dhoni’s eyes as he hits is just priceless. What style. What class. Whatte man!

After that colossal hit, there was plenty of Dhoni love flowing around. Krish Ashok put the Dhoni critics in their place:

World T20, IPL, Champions league, number 1 test team and the World cup. Dhoni critics can go suck itSat Apr 02 17:31:04 via Twitter for Android

The classic way in which he finished – The six, followed by the stylish swish of the bat, won hearts everywhere.

I love all of you who love Dhoni 😀Sat Apr 02 17:59:14 via Echofon



How I loved the wobble shake of Dhoni’s head when he hit that six. So adorably IndianSat Apr 02 16:49:23 via web


The post match presentation was very emotional, with players dedicating the win to Sachin. Plenty of appreciation for Sri Lanka, who put up a good fight and made this a game worth remembering.


Doubly sweet victory, having literally wrestled the Cup out of a worthy opponent’s hands. Many thanks to TeamSriLanka for brilliant cricket!Sat Apr 02 17:36:22 via Twitter for BlackBerry®



Sangakkara is extremely gracious #respectSat Apr 02 17:50:24 via Twitter for Mac


Let me end with the two of best Sachin centered tweets of the day:


Sachin’s carried us on his shoulder for 21 years. It’s our turn to carry him – Virat Kohli #wordstolivebySat Apr 02 17:35:01 via Twitter for iPhone

Team india won it for Sachin the best way. By not depending on him !!Sat Apr 02 17:43:56 via Twitter for Mac


P.S Credit for the title goes to Lavanya Mohan.

For victory. For Sachin.Sat Apr 02 16:34:33 via txt



7 thoughts on “For Victory. For Sachin – A TwitEpic

  1. Great post and a Good Tweet collection! Twitter made the world cup a double dhamaka. I wonder how ppl would have reacted after winning the ’83 cup without twitter and all 😀 Awesome feeling which will take a few more days to sink i guess 🙂

  2. And how to embed tweets into a blog post ? Just copy paste the tweet link? Initially i thought they were screenshots. Now only saw that they have backlinks 🙂

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