Grad Life

X and Y have the final term project presentation the next morning, at 9 AM.

At 5 PM:

X: Alright, all we need to do now is analyze the data we collected and put it up in 1 or 2 slides. Y, can you handle that part? I’ll start working on the presentation.

Y: Sure, you start working on it, I will do this in an hour and get it to you.

At 8 PM:

X: Hey I’m working on the slides, taking a little more time than I thought. How’s the data analysis coming along?

Y: There seem to be some problems in format for the some of the data. Don’t worry about it, I will somehow figure it out and send you  the results by tonight.

At 11 PM:

X:  Hey I’m done with the slides, take  a look.

Y: Looks, cool, just a few suggestions.

X: Ah yes, I forgot those, will put in. Don’t forget to send me the data so that I can make new slides with them!

Y: Of course, don’t worry about it, I’m working on it.

Next morning, 5 AM:

Y email to X: Hey X, spent all night working on this and finally got it how we wanted. Results attached in the document.

Y oversleeps and ends up going to the presentation a little late.

Y: (A little shamefacedly) Sorry I’m late, I spent all night working on it right, so couldn’t wake up on time.

X: Sorry Y, I overslept too and couldn’t attach your results to the slides I gave to the Professor.

Y: What the *****? @#@#^@$#%


True Story.


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