Five features I wish Twitter had

I find myself using Twitter more and more these days, especially since a few of my friends are not to be found anywhere else πŸ™‚ Following along memes on Twitter is fun, and there is this creative gang in Chennai who come up with the most amusing ones! Anyway, compared to Facebook, twitter is a lot harder to use intensively. Hence this rant. Btw, all of this stuff is with relation to the Twitter web interface ( I dropped TweetDeck for the new Twitter ):

  1. Edit Retweets: Yes, I know every other client out there does it. But it would be awesome to have it on Twitter itself. I cannot believe the developers of Twitter don’t see this as a compelling feature to build!
  2. Like: I want a “Like” button on Twitter, akin to the Facebook Like. Favorites is not quite the same thing. I want to tell the tweeter I like his tweet, without spamming my followers with a RT, or spamming him with a “I like your post!”
  3. Top Tweets: When you follow over a 100 people, it gets hard to make sense of that large stream of data. Twitter developers should make it easier to follow lots of people, not harder. So you take the whole stream, and show the ones with likes, RTs and comments on the top. Sorted chronologically, of course.
  4. Hide/Mute twitter stream: As a tweet put it, “Unfollow is the new declaration of war”. Β There should be a way to hide a person’s stream without unfollowing that person. A way to “Mute” a particular conversation would also be awesome ( Like the Mute conversation functionality in Gmail )
  5. No follow message: Messages should only be sent the first time somebody follows someone. If I unfollow and follow again, a message shouldn’t be sent to the person. Or at least ask me if I want to send the person a message!

3 thoughts on “Five features I wish Twitter had

  1. 1. Edit Tweets? Why do you want to edit a small chunk of 140 characters?? you can delete and tweet another msg again rgt?

    2. ReTweet is similar to Like right? Except that ReTweet shows your ‘likes’ to others (i think FB also does the same nowadays)

    3. Top Tweets is reasonable..

    4. I totally agree… Hide User is necessary..

    5. I wouldnt take this feature ownership if i were a twitter dev πŸ™‚ boring feature πŸ˜€

  2. You dont seem to get what I mean – Right now, when I click Retweet, it automatically tweets the whole thing. I want to be able to edit before I send, when I click retweet. Even otherwise, what’s with “small chunk of 140 characters??” – The whole of twitter runs on 140 characters!

    Retweet means all my followers get spammed with whatever I retweet. Like means no spam.

    Ada paavi πŸ™‚ Useful feature πŸ™‚

    1. Initially i read the 1) as “Edit Tweets”… πŸ˜€ so confuse aaiten..

      btw, facebook should create a group called “My-Non-FB-Friends”.. ippolaam Graduate aana kooda fb la thaan status podraanuga… mail um panradhilla.. phone panniyum solradhilla.. 😦

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