Manmadhan Ambu

I started this post and to my shock, I hadn’t blogged in so long, I had forgotten how. Must blog more :). So my semester wrapped up yesterday, and we went off to celebrate with the Kamal-Maddy-Trisha starrer, Manmadhan Ambu. Before you guys read any further, this post is going to be chock full of spoilers, so don’t read on if you don’t want to know the story. 

Trisha and Kamal in Manmadhan Ambu

The film revolves around three characters – Man(nar), Madhan, and Ambu. Madhan, played by Madhavan, is the rich spoilt fiancee of actress Ambu, played by Trisha. When Madhan gets suspicious of Ambu, he sets detective Major R Mannar, played by Kamal, to spying on Ambu. Mannar takes the job to help out his friend who needs money for chemo treatment for cancer. When Madhan says he will pay Mannar only if he finds that Ambu has a lover, all sorts of comedies issue.

The film has a very Midsummers-Night-Dream-ish feel to it, with comedy being a constant under-current.ย Surprisingly, in a film with Kamal in it, the absolute star of the film is Sangeetha. She virtually carries the entire second half of the film on her performance. Madhavan delivers an excellent performance as the “As always” drunk Madhanagopal. The characters of Mr and Mrs Kurup add more comedy to the mix ๐Ÿ™‚ The last 45 min of the film is a laugh riot – The entire theater was rolling about on their seats laughing!

The lines in the film were absolutely rocking. There were puns on basically every line – For example “Majora payyana vita vechu irupaangala?” and “Neenga rhomab deep-a pesareenga. Aama naan Deepa thaan pesaren”. The character of Deepa’s son was endearing, especially his dialogues towards the end of the film. And of course, no post about the movie will be complete without mentioning three things – Kamal’s kavidhai, Neela vaanam song, and Trisha.

Kamal’s kavidhai was awesome. I heard they’re cutting that part out when screening in India, I hope that’s not true. It was too good, even if slightly risque. Neela vaanam song was shot brilliantly – Some of my friends say that Kamal had lip sync with the song, which is incredible if true. And of course, Trisha was awesome throughout the movie. She just keeps getting more and more pretty.

The film also does an awesome job of showing us around Europe and an awesome cruise ship. The film is shot almost exclusively in beautiful backgrounds, making it a treat to watch. At least for that, this is worth watching in the theater. The only random things about the movie was Usha Uthup, and Madhan’s mora ponnu character. No idea why they even had them in the movie.

And finally, a bit of a rant to those who moan this movie has no story. Please people. View a film in the way it was meant to be viewed. This was no Inception, nor was it meant to be. It’s a light hearted comedy of errors film, comparable to Panchathanthiram and Sathi Leelavathi. In that angle, it rocks ๐Ÿ™‚

Damn it feels good to write a blog post after writing project reports.


4 thoughts on “Manmadhan Ambu

  1. Good Post. Great Movie. It got a little pissed off in the first half hour or so. After that it was all laughs. There was a few loose ends in the movie. Like when EXACTLY did Trisha start loving Kamal and all. But afterall it was just for fun and as you said should be seen that way.

    And they didnt cut off the Kavithai !! They totally did here. So there are chances of that video getting released in YouTube a couple days from now. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. ellarum inga naan illathapo paathutaanga and all gave half hearted reviews… athanale naan pove illa ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ….

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