Songs and Memories

Certain songs are immersed in memories for me. It’s not possible to listen to the song without slipping off into a reverie and suddenly startling half an hour later wondering what you are doing 🙂

I first heard this song while watching tapes of my parents wedding. Even though there were several songs being played, this one somehow stuck in my head.

This song brings back memories of my school, especially all the Annual Day functions, the skits and the dances that we used to put up 🙂 [Does anyone have the original video link for this song?]

This song evokes memories of the first 2 years of undergrad college life 🙂 Ah, what fun we had! This was before things got.. complicated. Seeing this particular movie in itself was an adventure, right after an EMech assessment!

Brings back memories of oor suthifying with Smrithi, Thanu, Siva and Pradep. This was one of the kuthu songs that Smrithi used to sing 🙂

The song that I must have heard a thousand times while on a trip to Nainital with Prashanth, Naren, Rama, Mama, and Sanjay 🙂 They also used to torture me by letting “Mola Mola” play on loop 🙂

This is _the_ epic song of final year college and that unforgettable IV. Must have heard it a hundred times during IV alone 🙂

And finally, a video ( slideshow ) that I made myself about college life 🙂


8 thoughts on “Songs and Memories

  1. heyyyyy!!!!!! andaka kasam kasam.. abooka hukum hukum … he he . i used to sing this song like an idiot !!! ah !! those times !!! truly awesome it was ! miss u guys 😦

    Kodana kodiii .. he he !! un bday nu solli pala paer enjoy pannanga. 😛

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