Adieu CEG!

This post comes a little late, but then, better late than never 🙂 Four years at CEG have flown by and I am finally an engineer! 😛 It has been a memorable time, and I’d give anything to have one more year there! [ Which is really ironic considering the number of times I have wished during college, Ah! Eppoda mudiyum entha kodumai! ]


From Last of College Days

CEG provided the entire range of experiences – classes, treats, fights, our famous industrial visits, treats, contests, outings, papers, the entire final year project saga, kurukshetra, treats and… more treats! So what was the greatest thing in CEG?


Infrastructure? ( You should visit our hostels! )

Great teaching? ( Barring a handful of teachers, no way! )

Quality of courses? ( Nothing extra-ordinary, and a lot of un-necessary courses )

No, above all these, the best thing about CEG was the people I met there – you cannot find a more motivated, intelligent, fun loving bunch of people anywhere else! The atmosphere at CEG was tremendous – everyone was off doing something, so you got into that spirit too. And the most important thing I learnt at CEG: Brains and talent matter very little – it is attitude and enthusiasm that counts. I have seen people with the most amazing potential go to waste in college, and quite ordinary people do great things with their attitude and enthu. 

CEG seems to be set for more laurels with our juniors bustling about doing various things. Adieu CEG! May your flag fly high forever!


10 thoughts on “Adieu CEG!

  1. Small post . Great Content . Smrithi First Comment . Typical VC post 😛 . Anyway still missing college . Will take a long time for that feeling to wear off . 😦 .

  2. notthevc thavara college mudinja appuram vantha ore post … Getthu vijay…. maththavangallam ennappa panringa? Naan thaan rombha busy na (facebook, yahoo messenger etc etc), ungalukkellam enna?

  3. @ Vijay

    Ya . It’s like you leak the question paper to her first . 10.30 facebook status update about new post . 10.04 Smrithi’s comment . I came rushing to your blog as soon as the fb update appeared . Too late . 😀 .


    Mavane nerla paathen avlo than . Update your blog da .

  4. @Thanu:
    facebook, ym ellam oru excuse 😛

    First comment adikanum nu un aarvatha paaratran. Smrithi is the official first-reader-fault-finder of my blog 😛 So she gets to read all blog posts first 😛

  5. Hi anna. I am a 12th student seeking admission in CEG through NRI quota . Can you please tell me with the information you have , how much percentage in 12th boards is required to get admission. I am in CBSE. Please reply as soon a u can. It’s important for me . Thanks a lot !

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