Kurukshetra 2009 OPC – Solutions

The online programming contest for Kurukshetra 2009 ( KOPC 09 ), was conducted today. I’m pleased to say it went without a single hitch đŸ™‚ The contest was attended by several high profile coders, notably the world leader in SPOJ and the #2 coder in Topcoder, ACRush. Totally, 117 teams attended the contest. The contest started at 2 PM IST and ended at 6 PM IST.

The problems have been uploaded on SPOJ, so that people who missed the contest can try them out.

Maximum Sum
Primitive Root
Rainbow Ride
Taming a T-REX
Lucky Number

We’ve also prepared sort of a packet with:

1. Question PDFs
2. Input and output for each problem
3. Judge solution
4. Solutions of top teams
5. Some interesting solutions that caught our eye
You can download it here.

The team setting the contest: Swarnaprakash, Santhana Krishnan, Vijay Chidambaram, Thanumalayan, Jegan and Sivaguru. Cheers!


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