Announcing Kurukshetra Online Programming Contest 2009

I would like to announce the Kurukshetra OPC 2009. It will be a contest testing your algorithmic and coding skills. There is a prize of 1000$ at stake! The contest is open to all, students and professionals alike. The contest will be hosted on SPOJ


Practice Contest : 17th January 10 AM IST to 10 PM IST.

Main Contest: 18th January 2 PM IST to 6 PM IST.

The contest may be extended if there are any clarifications in the problemset. Please refer to the website for more details. You can post your queries in the forum.


Teams of 2 people can participate in the contest. Only one member of the team needs to be registered at SPOJ to take part in the contest. Both members will need to submit their solutions using the same SPOJ id.

You also need to be registered at Kurukshetra in order to claim your prize. The email address in SPOJ account and Kurukshetra registration should match. 

See you guys Sunday!


One thought on “Announcing Kurukshetra Online Programming Contest 2009

  1. i was starting to believe i may well end up being the sole woman / man who thought about this, at the least currently i acknowledge im not nuts 🙂 i am going to be sure to pay a visit to a couple of various other blogposts when i get a little caffeine in me, it really is tough to read without having my coffee, I was really late last night practicing myspace poker and after getting my fill with a few brewskies i finished up getting rid of all my facebook poker chips cheers 🙂

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