Announcing Riddles of the Sphinx 2009

Hi folks, its my pleasure to announce this year’s version of webhunt of KurukshetraRiddles of the Sphinx. And before anyone asks, yes we are going to give the prizes. ( Last year the prize was delivered on time as well ).  This is the third year that I have been part of the team (Pradep, Srinivas and me) setting ROS. A lot of creativity goes into ROS – Aaha moments interspersed with why did we even start this thing? moments. We had a lot of fun setting ROS and will definitely miss setting it next year!

Some statistics about the events:

Riddles of the Sphinx ( 2007 version – the Original ) 

Page loads: 250,685

Unique Visitors: 17,039

Riddles of the Sphinx ( 2008 – first Sequel )

Page loads: 289,490

Unique Visitors: 17,104

And from the start of ROS 2009 today, it has amassed around 3500 page loads and 150 unique visitors 🙂


I’ll finish with what a participant thought about ROS:

“HATS OFF TO YOU GUYS… Gr8 work on ROS ’08.” ( Exact words 😛 )

P.S  Thanks to StatCounter for the statistics.


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