Getting transcripts from Anna University

Location: The huge white building in the far interior of the highways department, two buildings to the left of Anna University campus

Problems: No xerox shop, no stationary shop at the place where you get transcripts. Nearest xerox shop is in Anna University ( near MU Canteen ), or at Madhya Kailash, Adyar. For stationary, Cooperative society near Main Building will do.

Stuff you need to buy: A large A3 green cloth cover ( like the one used for couriers ), Fevicol, pen [ Trust me, you will get NOTHING at the transcripts office, and its a loooooog walk to any stationary shop ]

Note: Lunch time approximately from 12.30 or 1 to 2 PM


  1. Decide which universities you are going to apply to.
  2. Find out from university website how many transcripts they require – some take 2, some take 1
  3. Count total number of transcripts required, add 1 to that ( for backup ).
  4. Get one xerox copy of your marksheet [ front and back, on FULLSCAPE paper ] for each transcript you need. If you have finished college, get xerox copies of your degree also, front and back, on fullscape paper. If your marksheet is consolidated, take it on A3 paper.
  5. Take a DD addressed to Controller of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai-25, for 200*no of required transcripts. Apparently they sometimes ask for list of universities and verification of date of birth, so take stuff for that also.
  6. Put the DD, the xerox copies and the originals in the A3 cloth cover.
  7. Write your Name, register number, college and branch on back of DD and on the A3 cover.
  8. Go to the Transcripts Office and ask for an application. Fill it up. Write the application number on DD and on A3 cover. Remember the application number, its the only proof you have submitted your originals.
  9. After about a week, go there with fevicol. The guy there will give you your attested photocopies back along with AU transcript covers. Put the photocopies in the covers and paste them.
  10. After you give the pasted covers to the guy there, he will give you back your originals after getting your sign on a form. Thats it 🙂

P.S Since the time I made this post, apparently a lot has changed in the procedure. Thanks to the kind folk who are commenting on the new procedure. Take a look at the comments for the latest in the procedure.


207 thoughts on “Getting transcripts from Anna University

    1. They still ask for the fevicol, cover and want to be stuck with the ‘old world’ – so much for a long established and a ‘world renowned/class’ university!

      Will I ever want to go back to this place for anything? Or would someone still like to display ‘Anna university alumni’ proudly?

      There are ages of changes to be done with Anna univ.

    2. Hey Guys!!
      There is a small change in the procedure for applying the transcripts. Maybe you guys already know about it, but for those of you who dont know, here goes

      I’ll take my case as example, i wanted 3 sets of “Transcripts” & 1 “Medium Of Instruction” certificate.

      For Transcripts :
      * 3 copies of “Degree certificate”(Front & Back)
      * 1 copy of “Consolidated Marklist”(Front & Back)
      * 1 copy of “10th/12th Std Marklist” for age proof. Nothing else will be accepted for age proof.
      * Demand Draft worth Rs-200/- per transcript. Since i needed 3 copies, i took a DD for Rs 600/- (Behind the DD make sure you write ur “Transcript Application Number, Name & Register Number”)

      Thats all. You dont need to take copies of your individual semester mark sheets anymore. Believe me i took 3 sets of those and they dint even look at it.

      Have all these things ready and then go to the transcripts office and show the original Degree certificate, Consolidated marksheet & DD in the counter. Then they will give you the application form.

      For Medium Of Instruction :

      * 1 copy “Degree certificate”
      * 1 copy of “Consolidated Marklist”
      * Demand Draft worth Rs-200/-
      * A

      1. Hi..
        please do help me yaar. i am in USA. and i have all the semester marksheets and consolidated marksheet everything with me. but i want to apply for transcripts.. is there any way to show the copy of marksheets and get the transcripts? or how to contact anna univ to ask them reg this.. plz pour some light on this . thanks in advance,,

      2. Thanks for the quick reply dude. I really appreciate ur help.

        But i could not understand what u have written in this part :-

        “Have all these things ready and then go to the transcripts office and show the original Degree certificate, Consolidated marksheet & DD in the counter. Then they will give you the application form.”

        So according to this, i need to take my Original Degree Certificate along with Original Consolidated Marksheet & DD to Counter, then only i will get the form otherwise they will not give you the transcripts form at all…………………

        Plz correct if i am wrong………No offense dude………….i am pretty bad in english…………..


      3. Hello, will the universities accept the medium of instruction certificate if I do Not meet their English language requirements?
        Some .5 score is missing for me… that’s y asked

    3. Hey Guys!!
      There is a small change in the procedure for applying the transcripts. Maybe you guys already know about it, but for those of you who dont know, here goes

      I’ll take my case as example, i wanted 3 sets of “Transcripts” & 1 “Medium Of Instruction” certificate.

      For Transcripts :
      * 3 copies of “Degree certificate”(Front & Back)
      * 1 copy of “Consolidated Marklist”(Front & Back)
      * 1 copy of “10th/12th Std Marklist” for age proof. Nothing else will be accepted for age proof.
      * Demand Draft worth Rs-200/- per transcript. Since i needed 3 copies, i took a DD for Rs 600/- (Behind the DD make sure you write ur “Transcript Application Number, Name & Register Number”)

      Thats all. You dont need to take copies of your individual semester mark sheets anymore. Believe me i took 3 sets of those and they dint even look at it.

      Have all these things ready and then go to the transcripts office and show the original Degree certificate, Consolidated marksheet & DD in the counter. Then they will give you the application form.

      For Medium Of Instruction :

      * 1 copy “Degree certificate”
      * 1 copy of “Consolidated Marklist”
      * Demand Draft worth Rs-200/-
      * If the university for which you are applying doesnt need you take up TOEFL/IELTS, they would have asked you to get a letter from the university proving that your “medium of instruction” was “English”. This information will be there somewhere in their website. Print that page. Its compulsory to have it.

      Note : If you are applying for “Transcripts ” & “Medium of instruction” together, make sure you have separate DD’s for both. For example, i took a DD of Rs 600/- for transcripts & a separate DD of Rs 200/- for “Medium of Instruction”. They wont accept if you take a single DD for both.
      For Consolidated Mark List copies, go to Students Xerox in Adyar. Its like 5 mins drive form the university. Scan your certificate there and take A3 size print outs. Thats the best option. Believe me, it will save you time. If you try to take xerox, either the top part or bottom part will be occluded.

      Just reply to the post if you have any doubts.

      Hope this will help!!
      Happy Applying!!


      1. HI Sanjay,
        Thank god , i read your comment today i was about to apply for transcript on monday. one doubt i am planning to apply for 10 universities so planning for 20 copies of transcripts. you have mentioned that individual mark sheets are not necessary and also only one copy of the consolidated mark sheet is this enough for 20 transcript ,
        After applying should i go in person to receive the materials ?



      2. Hey Santhosh,

        Yeah for the transcript, one copy of consolidated mark list is enough. You have to take 20 copies of “Degree Certificate” though. And take DD for Rs 4000/- in favor of “Controller Of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai – 25”. Make sure the whole thing is printed on the DD. Certain banks might say, they cant accommodate more than certain number of characters on the DD. On that case whatever was not printed ask them to write it with pen and sign below. Also make sure the DD is payable at chennai.

        Gud Luck!!

      3. Hi Sanjay,

        I have not yet decided on the universities ? But if i give a transcripts cover with 8 Sem Marksheet xerox copies + PDC + Degree Cetrificate + Consolidated with No University Address or University name on it……

        Will they provide me transcripts ?

      4. Hi,
        saw some posts…im here in US and wanna apply transcripts so dunno wat im going to do…should figure something out for that…just came here to know if any procedures has been changed…anwyz i saw one post asking that if its reqrd to know the univ names when u apply….i guess not it will be asked only when u go to get back your transcripts…..and u can dodge that too not a big deal….just tell them u know only two univs name u gonna apply…just write that down and remaining u say that u r going to fill up later….. that should work cos it did in my case…..all the best….

      5. Hi Raji,

        I dont think its possible to apply for transcripts without original certificate, at least thats whats what i heard from people. They might consider for special cases, not sure though. Best call them in this number 044-22357245 and ask them for options. If you know someone who works for anna university you might be able to get it 😉

        Gud Luck!!

      6. @ Rakesh : I think you should have identified at least 1 university by the time you collect the transcripts. For the extra copies you can just tell them you are finalising the university list. And you dont need to take xerox copies of your semester marksheets. Only consolidated, provisional & degree xerox is enough. Read the procedure i’ve written once more.


      7. Also one more thing,

        What is this Rank Certificate ?

        They have also mentioned Rank Certificate will be provided when the rank of the candidate is above 50.

        What is this rank 50 ?

        Is it for the university / affiliated colleges / my college ?

      1. Hi sanjay,

        I lost my consolidated marksheet,but i have all d 8 sem marksheet originals…Will they provide me with the transcripts if i jus show d 8 sem marksheets?

  1. Dear Pals,

    I am actually not from chennai and it was such a horrible experience even after taking information from this blog, the anna university transcript section procedure sucks, they don’t provide the required information in the website and they have pasted a notice just out of the counter which is not available in the website, further such a big campus, no proper information in the website, i took the photocopies of all certificates in legal size(except consolidated which i took in A3), this was very informative, but consolidated marksheet is slightly bigger than A3 and in the edge of the marksheet you can find “Controller of Examination” along with his seal will be missed out in any sort of Photocopying machine, this will never be printed in those copies, so i was asked to bring photocopies of consolidated marksheet alone with that information is also to be found

    1. Disgusted with this University administration. I reside in the US, and I am trying to get official transcripts for a course I took a while ago. They should only need to check my name and birth date etc and they should not even ask for my originals, as they are all tatterred and old. Besides, I cannot go down to India just for this with my originals. I do not want to leave them there for a week. What a bunch load of crap. I tried to call their number numerous times, they just hang up and do not even answer a question. They cannot speak english or any language, they just tell you – 55544233. That is it. What a shameful set of thugs are running this university now.

  2. I could bring that information in those A3 copies only after printing the scanned images of the consolidated marksheet, if u photocopy from any machine the data in the edge will not appear on the copies, one of the student advised me to photocopy it from a shop called “Student Xerox” in adayar, never ever think of walking all the way to adayar, it screws one’s ass, such a long fucking walk it will be, take a bus from anna university bus stop and get down near adayar bus stop, just opposite to the adayar bus stop you can find “student xerox ” shop

    don’t hire an auto that bastard is going to loot your money, if you go by your own vehicle thats well and good,

    Best way to get the transcript is,
    1. reach adayar bus stop
    2. take photocopies of your certificates in “student xerox” shop, it seems to be expensive here,
    3. total number of photocopies to be taken is explained with an example below

    no of univs planning to apply = 4
    no of transcripts provided by anna univ assholes for 4 univs = 4*2 = 8
    so total number of certificates = 8 sem mark sheets+ 1 consolidated + 1 degree= 10
    total number of copies to be made per certificate = 8

  3. I don’t understand why the fuck the anna univ bastards ask for 100 bucks for 2 transcripts,

    we spend for photocopying, we spend for gum, we waste our energy walking all the fucking way, these bosudike’s sitting and just imprinting seal over the copies what we provided is taking too much of money from us, never ever this university is going to be student friendly, i never asked for anna university to conduct exams for my degree, these bastards make a lot of money by this, sorry for the profanity in my language, but i don’t know how to retribute my pain what i experienced in the university, they will never understand, all the universities in the neighbouring states follow simple procedure to provide Transcripts,

    Go to Hell Anna University, it is such a big disgrace because of your laziness

  4. i should take (xerox of each sem’s marksheet * number of univs ) ?

    4 univs and 6 sems …. ie . 24 photocopies and for each univ i send 1 set ah ? ….

    ill call you this friday for doubts ?

  5. hey this is very useful.. thanks a lot vijay! u made one of the time taking step of apping process simple for us.. and guys if u r from ceg dont even think of walking to dote from our coll .. u will feel as though u r on a pilgrimage.. take ur vehicles inside dote.. and if u r gonna get for another person who is unable to come then u r supposed to get a letter from him/her telling that u r the right person getting on his/her behalf ..

  6. @Venkster:

    Its not so much hard as frustrating. I had to walk once all the way back to anna univ because one of my marksheets didnt have the back properly photocopied. It would be so much and great business if they had a photocopier there. Selling fevicol would be great too. Plus cloth covers. Oh, well 🙂

  7. Why the fuck should I pay money to get “MY” marksheets from the university to which “I’m” affiliated ?
    We pay the tuition fee for 4 years right ?
    Atleast they gotta give 10 copies of transcripts for free, and charge for more transcripts…thats how it is everywhere throughout the world.
    Money…money….money….go to fucking hell with ur indian education system.

  8. hey one change alone !we have to take our consolidated mark sheet in A3 sheet not in full scape paper ! got frustrated when they neglected the full scape ! … see to it .

  9. hi alll, i’m in mumbai now.. is it required to be present in person for getting the transcript or would they give to my frnds on behalf of me if all the docs are submitted ..

  10. Great tutorial! Very informative in how well worded and descriptive you were! You know they say that if one knows how to describe what they want really well, then life is just as good as how you describe it 🙂
    Its great for people who feel like time is running against them and then land on your blog and feel like a whole burden was just lifted off of their shoulder.. I admire and respect people who take time to make it easier for others.. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  11. Did you know that the trancripts cost has quadrupled??? one transcript costs rs.200 so if you are going to need 5 it will be 5*200….. GOD!!!! what more are they going to do ….

  12. getting transcript of marks from Anna University –

    Should we prepare and submit transcript form in any format or university will prepare and give it.
    soome other universities want the applicant to prepare and give it in theit format

  13. hi guys…
    i have to get anna univ transcripts for my brother who did his btech.but he has the originals and is in US.can i get the transcripts with the xerox copies

  14. procedure has changed : costs 200 bucks now. Take only one set of photocopies . take dd for (200* number of sets you need) .. and 12th marksheet (very important , for date of birth verification )

    1. Venkster, what do u mean by one set of photocopies? if a univ requires 2 copies of transcripts, shud i take a dd of 400rs?

  15. I gave my consolidated mark sheet for lamination. It was cut along the edges around 1cm to make it fit for A3 lamination. Will it make any problem for me or is it okay?

  16. hi,

    I have a doubt. Is it necessary for us to provide them with envelopes to put in the attested transcripts. suppose i need 4 transcripts is it necessary for me to provide them with for envelopoes.if yes pls let me know the size of the envelope!!

  17. Hey do we need to submit the marksheets of every semester individually? Because in CEG we get our marksheets updated after every semester. That is the most recent marksheet contains the grades of all previous semesters. So do we still need to produce those individual marksheets or will the final marksheet be enough ?

  18. Hi,

    I am in US for an onsite for an onsite assignment.

    To get the transcript, do I need to be in person at the transcript office or my friend/family can get that for me?

    Pandiarajan R

  19. Hi,

    I’m currently residing in US and i have all original document with me. Can a person nominated by me collect the transcripts showing only the photocopies of my marksheets??


  20. @Priya and Pandiaraj:

    You have to give a letter of authorization to the person collecting on your behalf. But this is a little erratic – Some of the staff accept the letter of authorization and some of them don’t.

    Original marksheets are required so that they can verify I think.

    1. Hi Priya,

      I am in a similar situation where I need to send the originals to India for getting transcripts. Did you end up sending it safely? any recommendations, did youinsure it as well? Thanks!

  21. Originals are compulsory so try to send them across.

    Also the transcript application form has to be filled and signed by the person applying for the transcript. Atleast thats what is written on the form. So best thing would be to ask your parents/someone else to fake your signature while applying.

    While receiving the transcripts anyone can receive it on your behalf with the authorization letter.

  22. they seem to have changed the way they give transcripts. i want to know if i can get transcipts of consolidated marksheet alone?
    i do not want transcripts of my individual marksheets as they will show my arrears….

  23. First of all i would like to thank Vijay as this info was very useful during my application…..

    ***Guys I would like to know, is it mandatory to give the names of the universities you are applying to on the day we collect the transcripts, cause haven’t done so, cause i would need spares.

    Can some one reply please

  24. @badri: For CEG, MIT I think it is not a problem. If you want only transcripts of consolidated marksheets, you can just give only their xerox copies for getting transcripts. For affiliated colleges, I think you strongly need the marksheets of individual semesters.

    @smaran: Not mandatory to give names of univs. Even if he forces you to, try to talk to him.

  25. The blog says “After you give the pasted covers to the guy there, he will give you back your originals after getting your sign on a form.” in the 11th point

    Should we give the pasted covers to them? Should we not send them by ourselves along with other papers like SoP, publications etc??

    Please clear ths doubt..

  26. I think for one transcript, they charge Rs 200. So, for each university that requires 2 copies of transcripts, we need to pay Rs 400 per univ. I am planning to apply to 10 univs and this means i should spend Rs 4000 for the transcripts alone. Apart from this i need to get the xerox copies of all my marksheets myself. Why the hell they charge so much for these stuff???

  27. @Mani To answer your first doubt, Anna Univ attests each copy and then gives you AnnA University envelopes. YOU NEED TO PASTE IT YOURSELF at the office.

    When you send your university applications to the US, you will send your SOPS along with this sealed transcript envelope.

  28. Hi Vijay,

    Thanks for the elaborate steps, they were quite helpful.

    I have the following, Degree Certificate( from MIT) and grade card from anna university. do you guys have something called consolidated mark sheet ? my university is asking for a consolidated mark sheet and not accepting the grade card( this has all the grades from 8 semesters)

    can you please let me know How to obtain the consolidated mark sheet if I dont have one ?


  29. Situation:
    I have not recieved my 6th sem mark sheets yet….

    Wat i have:
    i have only 5sem mark sheets..

    Wat i dont have: I dont have 6th sem mark sheet alone.

    Wat i want:
    a transcript of mark sheet upto 6sem.

    If im doing this:
    Going to anna univ transcript building tomorro.

    My Question is:
    Will they ask me to come again another day with my 6th sem mark sheet??

    Please explain me 🙂

  30. Hey came across your blog while Googling 4 Anna Univ transcripts..Jus thought you might wanna know that its like the 2nd or 3rd most pop site for that string..Your info has been seriously helpful guys.. Thanks a lot..

  31. FYI, if anyone’s interested I’d a pleasant surprise waiting at the transcript office today.I’d submitted 15 copies of both my provisional cert n consolidated marksheet. Both were on Legal size paper, photocopied both on front and back. I was also required to submit the originals of both of these along with the DD and the guy sitting there asked me collect the transcripts on Tue.I’d applied for 15 copies and I’m getting them in less than a week. Anna Univ’s efficiency levels are through the roof.

    Full disclosure: I’m a student of Ac Tech.Dunno if that helped or not.

  32. Hi … I have to get my frined transcripts (he is in canada now) on behalf of him. Is it ok if he sends a scanned image of his signature for authorizing letter ??

    Please reply soon … he is in urgent !

  33. The post is really really helpful. Thanks a lot for posting this info.

    Here are a couple more links that could be helpful:

    Transcripts instructions (the printout that they’ve pasted at the transcripts office):

    AU Controller of Exams webpage:

    That said, I have the following questions:
    1. Can someone please explain Vijay’s step no. 4 with an example?
    2. Which of the following formulas are correct:

    FEE_PER_TRANSCRIPT is Rs. 200 right now.
    3. Some of the univs i apply to require electronic transcripts. Has someone done electronic transcripts before?

    Thanks in advance for your help. 🙂

  34. Hi guys,

    Great site! Great info!
    I am currently in US and passed out 2002 from Bharathidasan Univ, I heard now all colleges in TN are under Anna Univ, so do I contact bharathidasan Univ or Anna Univ for my transcripts. I am thinking of using service, since I have no living close to Bharathidasan univ, but there are folks living in chennai.
    For guys applying to US univs- Are universities here asking for both individual marksheet and consolidated marksheet?? Why both??


  35. hi…

    all have talked about a green cloth here..wat s the purpose of tat?? and shud i take it wen am going to get the transcript?

  36. i need to get my transcripts from mumbai univ. (im in the US right now and have my original marks sheet with me). to obtain the transcript i submitted attested copy of my marks sheets and the god damn HOD says he wants the original despite explaining to him that the originals is not in India. he wants me to courier my original marks sheet for him to see.. (frustrated loser). please suggest what can i do about it?? so i have any other choice.. apart from sending my originals.

  37. hey thanks for the info above…. i have a doubt….
    i m currently persuing my degree… can i get transcripts till 6th sem……..

  38. Hi, First and Foremost I want to thank U for this wonderful post. This helped me to apply transcripts at Anna university chennai, within 15 minutes. I went with all my certificates (originals) they asked me to produce my consolidated and degree certicate(this u will get on convocation).no need of provisional and 1-8 sem originals if u do have consolidated and degree certificate.I want to share the updated transcripts office number 044 22357245.

  39. Hi Friends, I am very grateful to all the people who have given their valuable suggestions. I thank one and all for their questions and replies. Varun thanks a lot for giving us office phone number.

  40. Guys,

    3 years back I have applied for my transcripts in Anna University. Actually that part of applying was done by my freind and that genius has lost the receipt these ppl provided. As days passed on I had a better job Offer in India and than had change of plan and got busy with my job. I once tried to collect the Marksheets, but the guy in AU asked for the receipt and i said i don’t have them. Now after nearly 4 years I need them. My company is sponsoring me a PR for Australia and it seems I need to produce my transcripts for the same.

    Is there any way, that I could get my marksheets back. If no, Is there a way of re-applying them? I also wonder if my Provisional, Consolidated Mark sheet( Which I have them with me now), would they do the trick??

  41. Vijay,
    The steps listed by u for obtaining transcripts from Anna University has been extremely useful, without which I don’t think I would have got the formalities completed in 20 mins.

    It was very thoughtful of u to have shared it with all of us.

    Greatly appreciate ur contributions!!!

    Recent update: u can get ur official transcripts in as less as 3 working days and upon request, u can take your originals back home provided they have done the verification.

    – Vandana

  42. Hi,
    Latest updates:

    1. The transcript office has been shifted behind the COE building.
    2. The new transcript office number: 044-22357247


  43. Hi ,
    Thank u very much for the information , but wat do u mean by front and back of the mark sheets as mentioned in point No.4 ??? Do we have to take the copy of a single semester mark sheet on both the front and back sides of a full scale paper ??
    Someone please clarify this doubt ..
    Thank u…

    Regards ,


    1. The people at transcript office are retarded. No clear procedure is given. After a lot of trouble I got my transcript today. The procedure is really simple.

      I graduated from crescent engg college, which at that time was affiliated to anna university. Hence this is the procedure for affiliated colleges, I am not 100% sure if this works for College of Engineering Guindy students.

      1. Take photocopies of degree certificate, one per transcript. So if u were to apply to 10 universities u will probably need 20 transcripts hence 20 copies of degree certificate.

      2. only 1 copy (no matter how many transcripts u apply for) of individual semester marksheets.

      3. One copy of 12th marksheet for date of birth verification.

      4. one transcript costs u 200 rs. Although those idiots misguide u by saying 200 rs per set it actually means only one transcript. So take DD for 200* no of transcripts in favor of “Controller of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai-25”.

      5. Put all of these in a envelope and take it to the transcript office.

      ****P.S- No need for copies of consolidated mark sheet. Once u apply for transcript they take computer printout of ur consolidated mark sheet and attest it.****

      Once u r in the transcript office, they will give out a form. Its pretty straight forward. If u decide to leave ur originals with them u will get the work done in 3-5 working days. The only originals they require are degree certificate and consolidated mark sheet.

      *** while u r going to collect ur transcripts make sure u carry fevicol with u. They will give attested copies and u need to put it in the envelope (which they will provide) and seal it. ***

      1. *** CORRECTION TO THE ABOVE POST ******


  44. Hi,
    I did my Bachelors in Karpagam College of Engineering 2008 pass out. Can I get the transcripts at Anna University, Coimbatore.


  45. No clear procedure is given. I took the following to apply for Transcripts. I was actually doing it for my friend, who needs Transcripts for applying for US univs.

    1) Original Degree Certificate

    2) Original Consolidate Mark Sheet

    3) Photocopies of Degree Certificates (One Photocopy for each set) – Front & Back in Full Scape Paper – I took 10 copies

    4) DD in name of “Controller of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai”. For one set, the amount is Rs.200. Write Name, Register number, Application Number (Found in the Application Form- The Form is given in the Transcripts Section) – I took for Rs.2,000

    5) Photocopy of 12th Marksheet – 1 – For DOB verification – Front & Back in A4 Sheet

    6) A3 Cloth Cover. Write Name, Register number, Application Number (Found in the Application Form- The Form is given in the Transcripts Section) on back of Cloth Cover.

    7) Name Of Student, Registration No., College, Branch, Year of Study, Current Address are needed.

    In fact, I took the photocopies of consolidated mark sheet and individual semester mark sheets. But, Transcripts section returned them, saying they would take the photocopies. So, wasted 65 bugs

  46. Hi….I have a doubt….I passed out of MIT in 2005…I heard from a friend that it’s possible to apply for transcripts at MIT campus itself if you have done the course there…is this true? Can any one throw any light on this?

  47. hi friends,

    I done my mba Regulation-2005 from KARAPAGAM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, under ANNA UNVERSITY CHENNAI.

    I want my official transcripts to be sent directly to university here in USA or they will only give to the person with authorisation letter?

    Can i do this through my karapagam college?

    Will anna university in coimbatore do this?

    1. Hi Vishal,
      I think you can’t do it @ AU-Coimbatore. Before, 6 months I checked with AU-Coimbatore. But they said a BIG NOOOOO. So, I hope u should go to AU-Chennai for ur transcripts.

  48. Guys, It might be a stupid question. Once the transcripts are collected, do they need to be mailed from India or can I have them all sent it to US along with my friend who is starting soon.


  49. hai
    I want 10 transcripts tell me for how much i have to take the dd and in how many days they will give the transcripts.
    thanks for all ur information and help

  50. hey ,
    I am not sure of the colleges that i m going to apply for . I have not even selected the colleges . I planned to send the transcripts to 5 foreign universities . The universities which i m going to apply is still under consideration . Will i be issued the transcripts if n only if i provide them the name of universities that i am going to apply for ?

  51. hi,
    I complete my degree by april 2010. I hav the sem mark sheets but did’nt get the degree certificate yet. I just have the provisional certificates. can i get the transcripts..

    1. @vidhya : I think u can take copies of ur “Provisional Certificate” instead of degree. Best thing is to call them and ask them..this is the number..044-22357245(Transcripts Department)

        1. Hi Sanjay,

          Will the transcript office be open on saturdays ? Please let me know the timings on saturdays if you know.. I am from bangalore..I can come only on saturdays to chennai..
          This info will be very useful to me..
          Thanks in advance..

  52. hi,
    do v hav to give the univ names to which v r applying compulsorily.? if yes, do v have to give it on the day of applying the transcript or on the day of getting the sealed envelope???
    plz rply soon….

  53. Hi all,

    Excellent informations are provided in all the above posts and I should thank you all for the same.. Now, I have a critical problem and would highly appreciate if any one can help me with this. I did my B.Arch from SAP in 1998 (long time back!). And we were the last batch to receive degree based on marks and not on Grades.. Hence all that I have with me are the mark sheets of 9 semesters, 1 certificate of completion of professional training on 7th sem (issued by the office where I trained) and my degree certificate. I subsequently did my masters’ in one of the Indian institutes and hence didn’t require transcript at that point of time. Now I intend to apply for a PhD in an UK university and I am residing in UK itself at this moment. I can’t possibly be there at Chennai to collect the transcripts neither I have anyone there to do it for me. Can anybody tell me what I should be doing now? I need these by mid-January so that I can apply for some funding..

  54. Hello everyone,

    I got my transcripts yesterday and I would not have found the process so easy without this blog. Let me document the entire process so that others find it equally useful.

    Please note that this process is valid only for affiliated college students who have already completed their studies. I am not sure of the process for constituent college, current students.

    Before you go

    1. Get a Demand Draft (DD) drawn in favor of “Controller of Examinations, Anna University Chennai, Chennai – 25”. Cost is Rs 200 per set. So, if you want ‘n’ sets, cost will be ‘n’ * 200.
    2. Take a photocopy of your Degree certificate – one per set. The photocopy should be on foolscap paper.
    3. Take a photocopy of your Class XII marksheet (for proof of DoB).
    4. Buy an A3 cloth cover to keep all your documents.

    NOTE: You DO NOT have to photocopy your consolidated marksheet.

    When you go

    1. Make sure you take a pen to complete the application form.
    2. Take the original of your Degree certificate, consolidated marksheet, class XII marksheet, your DD and all the photocopies you took.

    Where to go

    You DO NOT have to go to Anna University (AU) to get the transcripts. You have to go to the Department of Technical Education (DoTE) building. If you come from Raj Bhavan, this building will the one just before the main AU campus. Though you can reach the building from the AU campus, it is circuitous and not recommended. If you get down at the entrance of AU, walk along the footpath (away from the bridge/flyover) to reach the DoTE building.

    Once in the building, follow the signs to the “Transcript section”.

    What to do at the “Transcript section”

    1. Produce your originals (Degree, consolidated marksheet and Class XII marksheet) and the DD at the counter and mention the number of sets you require.
    2. The person at the counter will then verify the following: the right amount for the transcript on the DD, enough copies of your degree certificate, one copy of your Class XII marksheet. You will be given an application form.
    2. Fill the application form.
    3. IMPORTANT – Make a note of the application number. This is the only way to track your application when you come back to collect the transcripts.
    4. You will be asked to enter the application number on the back side of the DD (and, maybe, your name, college details, too).
    5. Keep the following inside your A3 cover: original Degree certificate, original consolidated marksheet, the DD, the completed application form, photocopies of your Degree certificate as per your requirement, photocopy of your class XII marksheet.
    6. Enter the Application Number, your name, the name of your college on the outside of the cover.
    7. Hand over the entire set at the counter. They will verify everything and ask you to collect it 7 days later.

    When you go back 7 days later

    1. Everything will be ready. Quote your application number and collect the transcripts. Verify that they give you the correct number. If you had asked for ‘n’ sets, make sure they give you ‘n’ attested degree certificates, ‘n’ certified consolidated marksheets and ‘n’ transcript covers.
    2. They will ask you to insert everything in the transcript covers and seal the cover to claim the original certificates.
    3. IMPORTANT – They say they do not allow you to take the transcripts without each of the covers being sealed. But they MAY NOT check if everything is sealed when you go back. So, you may be able to take one out without sealing the cover, if you need one.
    4. Insert one copy of your degree certificate and one copy of your transcript into each transcript cover. Add other documents (syllabus, request forms, etc, as per the requirements of the university you are applying to) with the cover.
    5. The cover is sealable. You do not need any Fevistick or any other glue.
    6. You DO NOT have to enter the address of the university you are applying for, when you collect the transcripts.
    7. Take everything back. Tell them everything is sealed. They will give you the application form to sign that you have collected all your transcripts and originals. Sign it and collect your originals. Verify if your originals are fine.

    You are done! Ideally, it will not take you more than 10 minutes each time you go there.

    1. Hi bro

      Am 2004-2008 passed out student from cresecent ( affliated to anna university ). I have lost my degree certificate and consolidated mark sheet. i wish to apply for duplicate transcripts can you please help me giving me the process to apply for the same..


  55. i m going to apply for transcripts …i thank all those who contributed this blog..

    also i will share my experience ..once it is over…

    thank you pals ….

  56. Hi Folks,

    I passed out of college in May 2010. I am yet to obtain my degree certificate, however I have received my provisional certificate and consolidated marksheets. I have been told that I will need the individual marksheets in case I do not have a degree certificate. Can someone guide me on this? I have tried calling the transcript office but no one seems to be responding.

    Moreover, does the transcript show the marks of each arrear attempt or does it show the final attempt marks just like a consolidated marksheet?

    Thank you guys… and keep up the good work.

  57. Hi,

    Do they provide Rank certificate also?
    It was mentioned that those who get above 50 will be given a rank certificate.

    I dont understand this. Can someone help me on this?

  58. Hello sir/madam,

    I had completed my UG in 2009 and I just made a big mistake in my certificates…
    My actual name on 10th, 12th marksheets is Udaya kumar N but I added ‘h’ in my college degree certificates(Udhaya kumar N)
    Just now only i realized the mistake what i have done…I need to apply for passport
    Could you please let me know the procedure to change the name in provisional, consolidated and in degree certificates.

    With regards,

  59. Hi bro

    Am 2004-2008 passed out student from cresecent ( affliated to anna university ). I have lost my degree certificate and consolidated mark sheet. i wish to apply for duplicate transcripts can you please help me giving me the process to apply for the same and the time period they are going to take in order to issue the certificate


  60. Guys i need help .I need to coorect my name in anna university .can any one tell me wht’s the procedure to correct the name.

  61. guys i need help .i need to correct my name in anna university certificates .can any one tell me wht’s procedure to coorrect name.

  62. Can you tell me what is the procedure of collecting transcript from Dr.B.A.M. University Aurangabad as i am going to collect to collect the same

    1. Yeah Its Rs. 500 now.

      I am in the final year of BE. I haven’t received my 6th sem marksheet itself. How am I supposed to apply for transcripts? Does colleges expect all the semesters’ marksheet?

      Thanks in advance 🙂

  63. if i want one ” Date & Month of Award of Degree
    Certificate ” and ” 2 Medium of Instruction Certificate ”
    should i take a single DD of Rs.600 or 2 DD’s of Rs. 400 and Rs.200

    1. take 2 separate DD’s(one for 400 & one for 200)…i took it together and they sent me back…people in that office are jerks!!!

  64. Hi guys,

    Does original certificate is mandatory for Transcript certificate,
    As i am in US i can mail my mark sheet and provisional copies but not the original ones.
    Please reply.

  65. Latest from AU:
    Went in today and found myself wanting despite this helpful post 😦 They need a passport-size photo and a copy of ID-proof (passport/driving licence, etc). Supposedly they put up a photo in the transcripts these days, an official told me. The entire checklist now:
    1) DD for Rs. 500 per transcript
    2) 10/12th Marksheet copy
    3) Degree certificate (no. of transcripts)
    4) Consolidated marksheet
    5) Passport photo
    6) ID proof

      1. do we need to take one passport photo for each set of transcripts we need, or only one overall? ie, if i applying for 8 sets of transcripts do i need to take 8 passport size photographs? thanks! 🙂

  66. Rajkumar

    Feb 22 ,2012


    Hey Guys!!
    There is a small change in the procedure for applying the transcripts. Maybe you guys already know about it, but for those of you who dont know, here goes

    I’ll take my case as example, i wanted 1 sets of “Transcripts”.

    For Transcripts :
    * 1 copy of “Degree certificate”(Front & Back)
    * 1 copy of “Consolidated Marklist”(Front & Back)
    * 1 copy of “10th/12th Std Marklist” for age proof. Nothing else will be accepted for age proof.
    * Demand Draft worth Rs-500/- per transcript. i took a DD for Rs 600/- (Behind the DD make sure you write ur “Transcript Application Number, Name & Register Number”)

    Thats all. You dont need to take copies of your individual semester mark sheets anymore.

    Have all these things ready and then go to the transcripts office and show the original Degree certificate, Consolidated marksheet & DD in the counter. Then they will give you the application form.

    Still if any of you need any further information please feel free to call me…

    Mob. 9626505829

  67. Sorry ….The DD amount for one set of Transcript is Rs. 500/-


    Feb 22 ,2012


    Hey Guys!!
    There is a small change in the procedure for applying the transcripts. Maybe you guys already know about it, but for those of you who dont know, here goes

    I’ll take my case as example, i wanted 1 sets of “Transcripts”.

    For Transcripts :
    * 1 copy of “Degree certificate”(Front & Back)
    * 1 copy of “Consolidated Marklist”(Front & Back)
    * 1 copy of “10th/12th Std Marklist” for age proof. Nothing else will be accepted for age proof.
    * Demand Draft worth Rs-500/- per transcript. i took a DD for Rs 500/- (Behind the DD make sure you write ur “Transcript Application Number, Name & Register Number”)

    Thats all. You dont need to take copies of your individual semester mark sheets anymore.

    Have all these things ready and then go to the transcripts office and show the original Degree certificate, Consolidated marksheet & DD in the counter. Then they will give you the application form.

    Still if any of you need any further information please feel free to call me…

    Mob. 9626505829

      1. Hi Abby,

        Will the transcript office be open on saturdays ? Please let me know the timings on saturdays if you know.. I am from bangalore..I can come only on saturdays to chennai..
        This info will be very useful to me..
        Thanks in advance..

  68. hey everyone,
    i’m doinmy third year of study (B.E.ECE)
    its seems those univ’s in canada ask for filled app’s a year before well in hand.please help me with the above query…

    1. yes you can apply with photocopies of those grade sheets you’ve received till now…… Also, you will have to produce a final transcript to the Canadian univ after completion of the course…

  69. Hi everyone ,
    I need 4 transcripts .So how many photocopies of my 8 semester mark sheets are needed?
    Should I take one set (8 sem marksheets) photocopy one per transcipt ?
    Please help

  70. Hi All,

    I studied in Adhiparasakthi Engg College , affiliated to Anna University.

    Currently I am working in Singapore and I need Medium Of Instruction Certificate to apply for masters degree.

    Should i go in person or can i send someone on behalf of me authorization letter to submit and collect the application form?

    Please clarify, thanks in advance.

  71. I completed my degree in April2012 in meenakshi college of eng. i got a job offer in gulf, i want to know the procedure to get my degree certificate prior to convacation of next year from annauniversity, in order to go for job, any body help me from.S.M.Sundaram

  72. Guys, as per the new procedure you need the following to get transcript.

    1. Rs.500 Demand draft for one transcript
    2. Original degree certificate + its photocopy (full-scape)
    3. Original consolidated marksheet + its photocopy (full-scape)
    4. Original 12th marksheet + its photocopy
    5. your passport size photo
    6. Photocopy of a valid photo ID (Passport/driving licence)
    7. An A3 size cloth cover to put all these inside

    Remember if you want 5 transcripts, then submit 5 photocopies of degree and consolidated !
    You DONT have to bring individual marksheets and provisionals !!
    Bring your provisional certificate if you havnt got your degree yet !

    beware ! currently the processing time is bad. its been 20 days and my transcript not yet ready.
    there seems to be a problem with the machines from time to time.

  73. I completed engg. in 2007. My college was affiliated to Anna Univ Chennai that time… After 2007 its affiliated to Coimbatore. So where shud i get my transcripts.

  74. I went to Anna University for Medium of Instruction on 16th Sep 2012. Here my experience:

    The transcript office at back side of The office of the controller of the exmamination. You have cross front side of the office and move to dead end and take left. (the way looks like going to toilet).

    Documents Required:
    1. DD of 200 rs
    2. Copy of Degree Cetificate (Both side)
    3. Copy of Consoildated Mark Sheet (Both side)
    4. Copy of web page where the cerificate requested ( for mine instruction of VISA documents)
    5. A request letter to Controller

    * Have to keep orginal to verify. no need to give it them

  75. what is a transcript really? is it a xerox copy that AU will attest n give? Or is it like a duplicate marksheet with the AU seal on a coloured thick sheet with perforated edges? Forgive my ignorance..:)

    1. Hey, i got d info.. apparently for d ppl in affiliated colleges, AU gives u a printout of al ur marks, date of getting degree,etc on a thickish paper. That is a transcript.

  76. I went to submit my application for 20 transcripts today. It was a simple job, hardly 15 mins.. i studied in an affliated college, 2009 batch
    Saturday timings are the same as any working day, 10 am to 4:30pm.
    Before you go, take along the following:
    1. DD amount and payee as mentioned in d posts above. I took for Rs.10000 for 20 transcripts from iob bank. They accept dd from any bank, they’re not specific about whether its a nationalized bank, as is wrongly mentioned in some blogs on d internet.
    2. BE degree copies as many as d no of transcripts u want + original to be submitted. So for me, it was 20 copies+original
    3. Consolidated marklist original only, to be submitted. No need for any kind of copy. No a3 copy, no reduced to a4 copy required.
    4.only one 12th/10th marksheet copy front and back, for Date of birth proof .
    5.only one id proof copy front and back. Passport/driving license accepted as id.
    6.only 1 passport size photo, will be printed on all your transcripts.
    7.Any cover to hold all your originals and copies. They are not particular if its a cloth cover or not, or if its a4 size or a3 size. I gave an a4 cloth cover.
    8. Pen! Take along a pen compulsorily. You have to fill a simple form, but they will not supply you with any kind of writing implement. You will have to wait and beg the pen off some visitor there otherwise.
    Getting there by public transportation:
    1.Bus stop is the closest and easiest option. Get down at Anna university stop,or if u r coming in the opposite direction its called gandhi mandapam stop. If you are coming by the electric train and get down at guindy station, u still have to catch 21G bus on the side of the station to get to anna university bus stop. No share autos from the station go upto anna university. Auto fare from the station will cost you 100 bucks one way.
    The rest of the directions will hold even if you are coming by private vehicle.
    2. The controller of examination office is to the left of the DOTE building entrance and to the right of the Highways Department entrance.
    3. There will be no indication visible from the main road that a Controller or Examinations building exists inside the compound. What you will find on the outside is a faded, rusting half hidden board declaring ‘Directorate of Distance Education’ and the Highways department’s ‘HD’ logo wrought on the iron gates. Don’t despair, you are in the right place. You can confidently proceed down the path and you’l spot the building. If you proceed down the same road, you’l find the transcript office room at the back of the controller building. There maybe signs pointing you to the distance education office, the transcript office is the same place.

  77. Hi all,

    I applied for transcripts today (25/10/2012). The procedure is really simple and took less than 15 minutes to get done with.

    1. Degree Certificate – Has to be submitted
    2. Consolidated Mark Sheet – Has to be submitted
    3. 10th or 12th Mark Sheet – No need to submit, but will be verified

    1. Degree Certificate – The Number of copies should match with the number of Transcripts you require
    Eg: If you need 15 transcript sets, you should take 15 xerox copies of the degree certificate and submit. Make sure there is space in the bottom for them to attest. – Should be submitted

    2. ID Proof – One Xerox copy of Driving Licence, Pan Card, Passport – Should be submitted

    3. 12th Mark Sheet – One Xerox Copy – This is for Age Proof – Should be submitted

    1. One Passport Size Photograph – Write your Name, Your College Register number, Transcript application number ( This will be in the Transcript application form that they will provide you) behind the photograph – Should be submitted

    2.Local DD from any Bank for (Rs 500 * the number of transcripts you need) – Should be submitted.
    Eg: For 15 transcripts you should get a DD for Rs 500 * 15 = Rs 7500.

    3. A long sized cloth envelope ( A3 Cover ) – Write your Name, Your college register number and transcript application number on top of the cover in BOLD – should be submitted

    Thats it. Nothing else is required. Just take a pen with you.

    Thanks for sharing details and I hope this is useful for someone! 🙂 Good luck!

    1. No, its not necessary.. The person manning the window din’t check if i’d written on d covers or if i’d pasted it. He just gave me the covers, degree xeroxcopies and transcript printouts and told me how to sort it.. wen i put d stuff in respective covers i told him i finished and he handed over the originals.. that was it..

      1. Hey!
        I complete my degree in 2013 and I’m planning to apply for MS and need transcripts. Is it possible for me to obtain the transcripts as I don’t have the degree completion certificate?
        Thank you!

  78. Hi!
    I’m doing my final engineering from a college affiliated to Anna University, and I’m planning to apply for MS. I wanted to know how I am supposed to obtain my transcripts since I haven’t yet completed my degree. If I can’t get my transcripts till I complete my degree, then what do I have to send along with my application when I apply for different universities?
    Thank you!

  79. I am from Bombay and have no one in Chennai. I cannot wait for 1 week for getting the transcripts from date of application .. is there any faster method?

  80. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you very much for the information,
    Please Suggest me if i need transcripts for all the semester marklist, how much money i have to pay for it.

  81. Dear All

    I am currently pursuing my final semester at Dr.NGP Institute of Technology, Coimbatore affiliated to Anna University Chennai. I am in a tight situation where I will have to apply for a Canadian University in a weeks time and I require the transcripts.

    Can a student who is pursuing his BE, eligible to obtain transcripts?
    If so, whats the procedure?

    Or else, is it equally legal to get the copies of my mark sheets attested by HOD and the Exam Cell in my college and put it in a sealed envelope and send it to the university?

    Pls counsel me…

  82. Anna University is not providing us with consolidated marksheets.. When I applied for transcripts, they gave a big marksheet that had the “individual semester marks” listed in them.. I had 2 backlogs and they are visible in this new marksheet they’ve given unlike the old consolidated marksheet we have where it is not visible. I am afraid if this will affect my chances of getting admission abroad. Anyone know if they give us consolidated marksheets? As of now they give only our individual semester marks printed out in a big sheet..

  83. hey bro, Can I get my degree certificate from anna university before the expected date of issue by giving some money ? I need it as soon as possible…plz respond

  84. I have two questions. I ended up getting A4 photocopies. Are they going to send me back?
    Also, do I need to take a color xerox? Sorry for the silly questions and thank you for any help!

  85. hi guys.

    Updating latest requirements for only SUBMITTING (not collecting) the application for transcripts.

    Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Controller of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai – 25”
    payable at Chennai.

    originals required: 
    1. Degree Certificate 
    2. Consolidated mark sheet
    3. One Passport size photo

    1. Degree Certificate xn 
    2. Proof of identify of the candidate 
    3. 10th marksheet

    One A3 green cloth cover / full-scale envelope.Write your Name, Your college register number and transcript application number on top of the cover, photo && DD in BOLD.

    Trust me, the hardest part is finding that 100sq-ft office in that 10 acre campus.!

  86. hi all
    Could any one suggest me, i have completed my PG in 2010 in AU-Coimbatore and now in 2013 i got transcripts from AU-Chennai since all anna universities are merged , i have submitted the transcript for immigration purposes and i got reply that , a declaration from the university is required which declares about the anna university merger, if not the transcript shall be issued by the AU-Coimbatore only.
    AU-Chennai transcript section is not responding and AU-Coimbatore does not exist.
    Now whom should I approach.

    1. Have you got the solution for this. .I also have the same problem. Can you please tell me how you resolve this issue.

    2. Hi NT,

      I am also planning to apply for immigration, even i too completed my PG from Kongu Engineering College affiliated to Anna University Coimbatore. So now i have to get the transcript from Chennai. what was the solution for this. Have you got migrated. How did you resolve this problem?


  87. Hi Guys…..

    I would appreciate if u guys could help me out….
    I have completed my B.E from Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore 07-11 batch. While joining the course, the college was under Anna University Coimbatore. However now it is under Anna University Chennai.
    I am planning to study abroad which requires the original transcripts.
    Whom should I approach ?
    If suppose Anna University Chennai issues the transcripts now, will I need some other certificate to authenticate that both the universities are in fact the same.

  88. Hi all,
    On my DD they printed “CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATION, ANNA UNIVERSITY”. They din’t mention “CHENNAI- 25”

  89. Hi Guys,
    I live in US. And i recently received my 4 set of transcripts from Anna university. I requested transcript for all individual semester and Consolidated. I received a photocopy of my mark list in a single sheet. It looked like a photocopy of my consolidated with my photo printed. Just a single sheet. There is also a seal by the COE on the cover. But when i sent my Transcript cover to WES credential evaluation. They rejected my Transcript saying it is a photocopy. Did anyone encounter similar type of problem. Please help me.

  90. Hi Swetha,

    The WES rejected my transcripts saying that I have to resubmit the documents according to WES requirements. What are you planning to do now?

    1. did they mentioned anything regarding why they rejected your transcripts? Whether your transcript got a seal on it or not?

    1. Did anyone recently submitted to WES and had it approved. Please share step by step procedure in getting the Transcript

  91. Sir.., Can i applly for Transcripts.But I didn’t get Consolidated marksheet and provisional marksheets…,I need that in urge because..,i will get VISA interview within a week for Warsaw University,Poland……
    Need Help Urge please…..
    Thanks In Advance…………

  92. Hi friends help me out to getting my 7th,8th,9th mark sheets of mine.i did my software engineering in periyar maniammai technology for women in the period of 2007-2012.(we are the last anna university batch in my college)doing my first year to 3 year it was under the trichy Anna university after that it will migrate us to Chennai Anna university.they are issuing all the mark sheets o expecting 7th,8th,9th.several times i have drop the mail and have frequently visited the Anna university Chennai.they dint proving the proper reply to us.plese provide somr suggestion regarding this issues waiting for your good reply.

    gowri priya

  93. Dear friends you can login to

    for all your official transcript / PDC / marks sheets / medium certificate.

    About Us

    ClearTranscripts is a simple, reliable and transparent service to obtain official transcripts from universities in India. Planning for higher education abroad is a complex and long activity. Students undergo tremendous pressure to prepare for competitive exams, select universities to apply, prepare admission materials and apply on-time against admission deadlines. It is our mission here to simplify the exchange of transcripts. Our Motto is Student First. Through our path-breaking transcripts exchange platform we have connected students, Indian universities, universities abroad and employers offering a simple and secure transcripts delivery service. is a service by ClearTranscripts Education Services, a section 25 registered not-for-profit non-government organization.

  94. I have completed Computer Science and engineering from anna university chennai in 2012. i lost the semester grade Sheets from 1 to 6 ,will i require a Non traceable certificate from Police and Copy of ‘Notification’ issued in a news paper for loss of certificate,to apply for duplicate?.I have all other certificates like degree,consolidate and provision.

  95. transcripts office works from 10 AM to 5 30 PM.
    1 30 to 2 PM, lunch break.
    You cannot find any bank working after 12 PM on Saturdays. Better take DD early.
    Inside Univ, you have Canara bank.
    In Adayar ( bus stand after madya kailash ), you can see Andhra Bank ( this will work till 1 PM on Saturday ), Canara Bank ( till 11 30 AM on Saturday ) and Punjab bank ( till 12 PM on Saturday )

  96. Did anyone recently submit the transcript obtained from Anna University to WES and had it been accepted/approved for credential evaluation by WES?Anyone plz respond..

  97. New n Improved [Oct 2015] steps to follow for Canada immigration:

    Steps to follow:
    The office opens after 10:00 AM IST, is also open Monday to Friday and also on 2nd and 4th Saturdays. You can contact 040-22357247 and confirm working days.

    Step 1: Getting the application form
    As soon as you enter the Transcript office there is another door, where they give you the application. You need to show originals of the following and also carry photocopies/Xerox copies of these three.
    a. 10th class mark sheet
    b. ID card
    c. Photo graph
    You will be given an application form and a paper clip after the person verifies the originals. Stand in line with the T&W_Info photocopies/Xerox copies of all documents ready.

    Step 2: Transcript submission
    a. You would already receive a application form with the Appl. No: 5-Digit. Make a note of this number [Would require it when collecting the originals] and also need to write the Appl. No. behind the Photograph and a DD of Rs. 500/- that you have drawn in favor of “ The Controller of examinations, Anna University, Chennai” payable at Chennai.
    b. You would also have to clip
    I. Photograph
    II. Rs 500/- DD per set [If you need multiple copies, get another DD] drawn in favor of “ The Controller of examinations, Anna University, Chennai” payable at Chennai.
    III. ID card Photocopy and
    IV. 10th / 12th Mark sheet Photocopy for birth proof
    V. Front and back of the Degree Certificate Photocopy per set [If you need multiple copies, get multiple photocopies of Degree]
    VI. Fullscape/A4 size envelope ; write the Name + Registration No. + Appl. No. + Contact No.
    VII. Degree and Consolidated mark sheet Original [Don’t need the Consolidated mark sheet photocopies]

    Step 3: Additional thing to do for WES
    I am yet to get a clarification my self regarding the need for the following documents but still as got it as precaution.
    a. Rs 200/- DD per copy ; drawn in favor of “ The Controller of examinations, Anna University, Chennai” payable at Chennai.
    b. Three WES Academic request forms, filled with the WES reference number
    c. Degree and Consolidated mark sheet photocopies 1 each
    d. College transfer certificate photocopy
    e. Request Letter stating the reason for this request.

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