Programming contests picking up in AU

Maybe the god of programming has finally smiled upon us. Maybe the juniors have finally realised how gethu being good at programming is. Maybe some teacher or website out there has suddenly brought a change of attitude towards programmers from nerds to neo-gods. Or maybe everyone just have lots of time on their hands 🙂

Whatever it is, the ACM Anna University progamming contests are finally picking up! The last contest conducted by MIT had over 30 participants and the one conducted by CEG had over 35 participants. When you consider that we hardly got a dozen people to attend the programming contests before, thats positively rocking! And the requests to join the ACM AU group keep pouring in – the number of members has already exceeded that of ACM CEG. <shameless boast> And all of this was my idea </shameless boast> 🙂 Kidding aside, kudos to problem setters Swarna Prakash and Vijay S for setting such wonderful contests!

If you’re reading this and would still like to try out the contest, you could do so by visiting the contests here and here. You will be able to see the problems and submit as long as you have a SPOJ account. Cheers!


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