Some interesting videos

Some cool videos that friends shared with me 🙂

The above video was uploaded by my friend Naren. Even though its almost a year old, the video is still a very relevant watch, especially for college students.

The above is an extremely funny spoof on the Dark Knight 🙂 Trust me, it never gets stale 🙂

Check out the last video! Its amazing! Link to post about it is here


7 thoughts on “Some interesting videos

  1. Dei based on what are you saying that? I just saw the video again and I couldn’t find any place where the environment is shown – its only their software that is shown.

  2. No man, in your video is cropped man, u can’t see their window on which they are running it man, ………..on the same topic other videos on youtube u can see clearly the window on which they run it and its Window Decorator is not windows definitely……

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