Why.. so.. serious?

With all the hype and hoopla surrounding the Dark Knight sequel to Batman Begins, I couldn’t resist watching it on the big screen! Today being Srivatsan’s birthday, off we went to fleece him and have a good time πŸ™‚

Describing the movie in 2 words – Stunning thriller. The movie holds your interest throughout and not for a second did it get boring/predictable. Heath Ledger puts in an astounding performance as the maniacal Joker. The stories he tells to explain the cuts in his face! And his “Why..so..serious?”Β  has already become one of the best movie lines to be remembered for all time.

The movie maps the transformation of the Dark Knight from being an out and out good guy to a enigmatic character with good and bad warring within him. By the end of the movie, the Dark Knight no longer cares about being the good guy – just cares about doing the correct thing.

The character of Harvey Dent, the enterprising DA of Gotham who transforms into Two-Face has been well played. The character plays well into the need for Bruce’s longing for the day when Gotham does not need a masked hero and the villains fear the unmasked enforcers of justice.

But the real steal of the film is the Joker. His character has been developed with diabolical cleverness. The way he wets his cut mouth as he speaks, and he way he throws back his strands of hair, stick in your mind. His character has been played so well, when he explains in a calm and clear manner to Harvey about why he does what he does and that he is an agent of Chaos, it feels completely natural to you and not as the raving of a lunatic!

The second half of the film, as I read in another review, grips you by the throat and never lets go! The final lines of Gordon sum up the entire movie – “Why must we chase him? Because he is what Gotham needs now. Because he can take it. He is the protector of Gotham. He is the Dark Knight”


15 thoughts on “Why.. so.. serious?

  1. An amazing movie da !! I personally love the scene when the “joker” sits inside his cell and claps when Gordon is promoted to the commissioner of police !! [:d]

  2. Lol .. You know what, that clapping scene was not even in the script but heath ledger over acted da and they decided to keep it. He surely is the best villain of all time.

  3. Yeah Heath Ledger Rocks sad that he doesn’t exist any more :(( RIP

    Agree that Joker is the best Villain of all time.
    Maybe above The Terminator, Hannibal Lector, Psycho , Darth Vader.
    Can’t Say whether with or above or Below Micheal Corleone (Godfather)

    Another thing in the movie was there was soo much dark humor.
    The previous jokers had normal humor none dark humor.

  4. I Loved the First Scene ( I Have it as HD copy the first 6 minutes the Bank Robbery get it if you want πŸ˜€ )

    The Quotes

    I believe whatever doesn’t kill you…… simply makes you… stranger.

    You Remind Me of my father….I hated him

    Do i look like a man with a plan

    I’m not a monster ..i am ahead of the curve

    If you’re good at something never do it for free…

    Too many more to mention I’ll watch it again soon πŸ˜€

  5. @Buu!

    I loved those too da. Some more:

    “He does do that” When Harvey turns around and Batman isn’t there.

    ‘What’s the difference? What gives you the right?” “I don’t wear hockey pants”

    “Some men just want to watch the world burn”

  6. Awesome Movie da..

    The ‘Pencil Trick’ scene clearly describes the ruthless heart of the Joker. To know the real meaning of “THRILL”, watch this scene..

  7. yeah ..
    he is damn cool ..
    very good intro for a villan .. love the movie like anything ..

    “Why must we chase him? Because he is what Gotham needs now. Because he can take it. He is the protector of Gotham. He is the Dark Knight”

    i like it …

  8. I loved every aspect of the movie . But when i came out , i just thought one second of the still where alpacino sits in his chair with the cigar . Mavane vaippe illa . Godfather kittaye varamudiyaathu . Padam paathoma , Heath legder kku oscar kuduthomannu irukkanum . Adhavittuttu chumma No.1 Spot ku llam aasapada koodathu [:P]

    And ya Buu you missed a dialogue
    “I kill the Bus driver”

  9. The Dark Knight was a fantastic movie, I’ve seen it twice, and I could watch it over and over again. It seems that the Joker played his role SO well, that my friends and I preferred him over Batman. We compared him to an “Evil Jack Sparrow” who you just have to fall in love with. Great movie, can’t wait to buy it.

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