Cheap laptops for students

ELCOT is offering laptops for students at prices 25%-30% below market price. While how much this will work out to remains to be seen, their hardware specs are pretty good and anything below 40K for the config would be a steal. Final price will be known after Jun 26th.


8 thoughts on “Cheap laptops for students

  1. Not to mention they give a LOT of bundled software and all of them turn out to be opensource sw . That is soooo stupid .

  2. @Pradep:

    Evaluation method is comical indeed πŸ˜› Maybe they included those pics to show to common man that it can bear weight πŸ˜›

    Dei, in case you didnt know, ELCOT’s offer is for encouraging growth of open source da! So the open source software is the actual point of the whole thing πŸ™‚

  3. Encouraging Open Source ? Oh . I never knew . Ppl working in govt. had such good ideas . πŸ˜› . Anyways cheers to their ‘Evaluation’ methods .

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