A Movie Outing at Last

It has been forever since I last went to a movie and so I decided to see a movie ( any movie 😛 ) at Sathyam. As soon as I brought up the idea Smrithi, Sivaguru, Thanu ( 4 of us intern at IITM ), Hari and Glamour decided to come. None of the Tamil films currently out playing at Sathyam are very good ( Go watch “Kuruvi”? Lol ) and so we decided to go for an English one. After much contention among Forbidden Kingdom and Indiana Jones, Indy was finally selected as our movie.

I booked the tickets and snacks online since its near impossible to get snacks during the short intermission due to impossibly long queues. We finally arrived at Sathyam and Glamor made it rain by wearing distinctly normal clothes – no jing cha yellow with green pant or anything 😛 We finally settled in our seats and waited for the movie to begin.

This being a post about the movie trip, you’d expect some review about the movie. Truth is, nothing much to blog about the movie – it was an average thriller. We didn’t understand the first part of the movie much and second part was too predictable. The real “thriller” came when our snacks arrived. The popcorn and pepsi were HUGE! Six of us could easily have shared one popcorn pack and three normal size pepsis. As it was, we ended up carrying one pepsi and popcorn pack outside 😛

Next movie, Dasavatharam!


4 thoughts on “A Movie Outing at Last

  1. oh yay! next movie is Dasavatharam.. but Vijay , this time u r not collecting Rs.150 before we could finish the pepsi and popcorn 😛 And ya the normal appearance of pradep ( but for his cooling glass 😛 ) is worth a mention.

  2. Ah.. I hate u guys . “Jing-Cha” is one word which is gonna cost your life vijay 😛 . Cooling Glasses ?? I ride a bike, come on . And it was in my pocket when i met up . Too much. Talking abt dresses to you is like teaching relativity to a 3 year old . Anyways . The movie was boring and that was too much of pepsi for one day . Dont ever order snacks online .

  3. @ Pradep:

    Ya we all know about your “expert” dress sense 😛 Dei if we dont order snacks online, we might as well forget getting any snacks at all, its near impossible to get snacks in that crowd. And come on, since the movie was bad, thank god at least we had plenty to eat 🙂

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