Interview Tips

Check out this. How I wish I had read this before I messed up my my Google intern interview! It’s a big post but read it with patience, its got a lot of gems 🙂


6 thoughts on “Interview Tips

  1. Nice! Maybe you should take part in the Google Big Idea Challenge, now that you are in your pre-final year. The shortest but toughest route to get into Google SF. But am sure a guy like you should be able to cut thro’.

  2. I was assuming you took part in ACM and stuff. So google code jam is nothing but one next step for you. They will be impressed with coders. And not like many are aware of Google Big Idea Challenge. The competition starts every November and ends in the first week of Jan. So watch out for it.

    PS: Ban Mido is my fav character too in Gettobakkāzu Dakkan’ya.

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