CEG Local Contest #1

ACM Practice contest for CEGians will take place on SPOJ tomorrow. The problem-set will be easy as this is the first contest. We have been forced to conduct it online since the labs aren’t available in the evenings. Hopefully we will have more contests this  semester. Problems set by Sivaguru, Thanumalayan and me.

Time: 10 AM to 3 PM Saturday March 22nd

Participating CEGians can use this blog post’s comment area to clarify stuff during the contest. Or you can mail me at vvijay03@gmail.com.  CEGians who are reading this, please pass on the info to your classmates. We would like lots of first and second years to be involved in this. The link to the contest can be found at ACM-CEG.  You will need to have registered at SPOJ to participate in the contest. For an idea on how to use SPOJ, read this. Hope all of the participants have fun!


6 thoughts on “CEG Local Contest #1

  1. As this is a public blog and that is a private contest, I`m not giving out the link here. I`ve mailed the contest link to the mail address you gave when commenting.

  2. @Hans:

    This might be rather rude, but who are you? These contests are for training CEG students and an experienced programmer will find them very easy.

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