Samhita 08

We attended Samhita 08, the annual CS symposium of MIT on Saturday. Thanu, Sivaguru, Smrithi, Nitin, Nari, Jegan, Sanjay and myself went together. We tried out almost all the prelims and qualified for finals for quite a few events. The results of the finals:

  • Onsite Programming – Second prize – Vijay, Sivaguru, Smrithi
  • Onsite Programming – Third prize – Nitin, Narayanan, Thanu
  • Java Quiz – First prize – Vijay, Thanu
  • Java Quiz – Second prize – Nitin, Nari
  • Java Quiz – Third prize – Sivaguru, Smrithi
  • Tech Quiz – First prize – Thanu, Sanjay
  • General Quiz – Third prize – Nitin and team

Quite a good haul! Either we are good or very lucky 🙂

Now about the events themselves – OSPC was good, except for one problem having wrong problem statement. All the top three teams managed to solve 2 problems out of the 6 problem set. The problem set was balanced and had easy, medium and tough problems.

Tech quiz was good, the questions were good and the rounds mixed. Only regret was not being on stage for the finals. We were sitting in the audience and saying all the answers! We believe a restriction on the no of ceg teams on the finals for the event restricted it to the top two ceg teams.

Java quiz was ok – it wasnt the sort of quiz that made a good on-stage event. They should have made it a written finals.

A very good thing at Samhita was the food – they provided free food for the participants and it was very good!

So overall, a good Samhita! Hopefully, our Abacus coming up this week will be better 🙂


18 thoughts on “Samhita 08

  1. Lol. Talking with MIT Vijay, i realised Thanu`s comments and mine were very ambiguous 🙂

    Fraud is the nickname of a friend of ours who had come to MIT. We were talking about him. No malpractices or anything in MIT 🙂

  2. ya i go wid vc…gud thing was free food!!!!!!!! atlast we didnt even get certificates nor pen drives…….reg.desk got closed by 7.00 and we returned wid empty hands!!!!!!!!!

  3. @vijay

    Dei he made our college proud by presenting a revolutionary paper da (he lost becos of bad judging) …..centralized telephone routing or somethin..nw tht needs some praise if not his extra curricular activities ..:P 😛 lol!!

  4. @vijay
    yeah da….was a decent haul at samhita….could have been better though….hope we get the prizes soon.

    7 comments out of 8 about fraud…awesome….he was clearly the MVP at samhita.

  5. 1) Java is not a language. Don’t feel good about winning that quiz 😛 Now, take Python. There’s a language! 😀

    2) I’m sure you guys are more good than lucky.

    3) Who the heck is fraud? What is his true identity? (I just had to get in on the act too 😀 )

    4) I think this year’s haul is better than last year’s. Our teams won the debugging, came second, third and fourth in the programming, and did other things as well I think.

  6. Just so that it doesnt get over our heads: none of us were able to get through the debugging prelims, and it was onscreen – no ‘bad correction’ (or watever) excuse here………..

  7. @Aravind:

    Lol! Conduct a python quiz in Abacus then 😛

    Fraud`s identity? I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you 🙂 See my other posts for the revelation 😛 The idiot has posted his identity himself 🙂


    I believe it is BECAUSE of the screen that we didnt get through, along with the CEG 2 teams factor.

    1) We always split up the q paper and both solve simultaneously – not possible here.

    2) On the paper, more than one q is available to the eye, but many times you suddenly find something striking you after looking at it dumbly for some time.

    3) I hate the screen format! It slows us down terribly.

    @ Vijay

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Good haul da. Seriously Fraud won’t mind letting his identity out i think. And ya . U mentioned him Poor guy ?? U poor guys .. He did what he came there for very well. Paper Presentation was just an Executive Class Ticket to board the Flight 😛 . Anyways good work da. Hope u get your prizes soon .

  9. @Smrithi:

    Ya of course 🙂 Thanu saved us all at the end of the day, when we were stranded in MIT at 7.30 in the night with not a single person at the registration / hospi desk!

    We had a nice ride 🙂

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