Drool Drool Drool

Check out the new Mac Book Air! A drool worthy product if I ever saw one! The intro where they take it out of the envelope is so uber-cool! It looks really good as well. And with 2GB of RAM and Intel Dual Core, no loss in power either.

But it does have its downsides – the focus on portability made them cut off the DVD/CD rom drive, which is still very much needed, even though most of our data transfers go via USBs these days. Their rationale of seeing movies online instead of using good old dvds for it, isn’t very good – I thought backward compatibility is always a good feature in any design. What do people do with all the dvds they have now?

Another feature missing is multiple USB ports. Just having one USB port is a bad idea in these days of direct USB-to-USB tranfers!

Unrelated to the Mac Book Air directly, but still an excellent product is the Time Capsule. I really like the idea of constant backup in the background. The major improvement over the present automatic backup software packages is the integration of the wireless aspect and the automatic back-up. Plus its a wireless access point too!

So if any of you guys out there are looking to get me a surprise gift, the Mac Book Air would do , thank you very much 🙂


2 thoughts on “Drool Drool Drool

  1. Apple’s Design Team is just brilliant. IBM/Lenovo have just brought out a similar product: less than one inch thick, 13 inch widescreen etc etc, BUT it is nowhere near as sexy as the Air. It is ‘conventional’.

    That’s the thing with Apple products. Even though you don’t _need_ them, you _want_ them.


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