Kurukshetra 08

Kurukshetra 08 has just ended and its been a blast! Unlike last Kurukshetra, I both conducted and participated in events this time and had a whole lot of fun πŸ™‚

  • I created a information portal using Django ( which was deployed on the LAN ) , which would let people coming to Kurukshetra easily know what the next events were ( and at what location ), the winners and notifications about events. It also streamed live video using VLC plugin from robotics and other events.
  • Along with Pradep and Srinivas , I once again created Riddles of the Sphnix. It was a rocking success. The totals hits pile upto 190,000 till now, with an average of 7000 hits and 400 unique visitors per day. Visitors came from across 5 countries and 8 cities. The posts on Kurukshetra forums were the highest for any given event. The ROS was cracked nearly a week after it went online, by T Karthik of CEG.
  • Helped with questions for the Kurukshetra Online Programming contest. Though the contest was down in the middle for nearly an hour, the high standard of the questions drew appreciation from experienced coders. Next year, it should hopefully have no snags.

Events I participated in:

  • Debugging contest – Came third πŸ™‚ Team-mate: Smrithi
  • On-site programming contest – Came fourth – Team mates: Smrithi and Sivaguru
  • Icode – This was a mix of obfuscation, programming and debugging. Came second πŸ™‚ Team mates: Sivaguru and Nari
  • Artificial Intelligence contest – Made it to the finals but cudn’t concentrate much there since I had other events. Team mate : Thanumalayan.

A very good Kurukshetra all around!


2 thoughts on “Kurukshetra 08

  1. Hey dude,

    Do you remember me? Congrats on continuing ROS and taking it to another level in this year. I understand from your post that once again it was a roaring success!!! Keep up the good work. Pass my hi to pradeep as well. πŸ™‚

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