Announcing Riddles of the Sphinx 2008!

I am proud to announce the 2008 edition of the Riddles of the Sphinx is here! The Riddles of the Sphinx or ROS for short, is an online web hunt conducted every year prior to Kurukshetra. Pradep, Srinivas and I set the hunt this year and we would like to welcome you to come take part in it. Pradep and I formed part of the team which did Riddles of the Sphinx 2007. Srinivas, one of the first 20 people to finish ROS 2007 joined us this year to make ROS better than ever before. So come one, come all! Attractive prizes for the first person to finish the hunt! This isn’t like online hacking, where you need to know some technical stuff to advance. Just keeping a keen eye and Googling would get you through most of the levels. That said, for people who are veterans in this stuff, we have toughies at the end for you too. Come enjoy racking your brain at ROS 2008!


5 thoughts on “Announcing Riddles of the Sphinx 2008!

  1. Last year also you guys said the same… ‘attractive prizes for the top 20’ and I got thru the top 20 and I believe none of us got any prize.. so do i conclude that the guy who comes first this year will again get nothing?

  2. Last year ONLY 20 people finished it at all – so prize was restricted to the first place winner, and he did get it 🙂 This time we`re making no false promises – prize only for the first guy to finish!

  3. Hey!I dunno what is wrong with the way I proceed about the riddles. Last year, I knew the answer was Open Sesame to the second one, but I just couldnt get thru to the next one, it simply dint seem to accept my answer in whatever case I typed. I kept getting the WRONG WAY picture. Now, I know the answer for the 5th one, but again, I am not able to get through to the next question.

    Any idea what could be the basic problem I am making? i wish you could reply to this query in my Scrapbook…

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