Google Ambassador for CEG :)

I`m back ( and in style too 😛 ) to blogging after a long time and got quite some news to share. So pardon me if this post turns out to be long and rambling.

Most recent news first. Was selected Google Ambassador for CEG on Friday, along with Hariny. Feels great! The selection process included one written round, and two rounds of Group Discussion. There was a great response from our department for the programme – over 150 people attended the presentation at the beginning – it had to be done in two batches, in fact! Nanjappa and Kamini from Google talked about the Product Prodigy comp and the Google Student Ambassador programme. Then we had the questionnaire which was designed to bring out our strengths and interests. Around 32 people were shortlisted from the written round, and divided into groups of eight. Group Discussion was conducted for each group and two or three people from each group were selected for the finals. Quite a few people i know i were selected for the GD round – Narayanan, Pradep, Pritham,Prasanna, Praveen, Srikant, Smrithi, Hariny, Harini, Sudha, Bhuvana, Sukanaya and Bhavna. 11 people were selected for the finals. One interesting point is that out of the final 11, 5 were from the Computer Society and from 3rd year, CSE. We rock 🙂 Anyway, in the finals, we were asked to speak about what we would do if we were selected as the Google Ambassador and so on. Then we were asked to select one person from the other 10 whom we`d like to work with. Then Nanjappa and Kamini went off to a corner and discussed for around 10 minutes. Then the results :). We also got some goodies! ( Though we were disappointed we didnt get a nice Google T ) 😛

Next on the news list is Programming – Going to attend the online qualification round of ACM ICPC Kanpur. My team mates are Sivaguru and Swarna Prakash. I love seeing reactions of people when i tell them Prakash`s world rank on SPOJ and then that he`s my teammate :). I believe we make a good team – each one of us have our speciality and our team work is good as well. Ah, well, no way to know how good we are until the moment 🙂 In the ACM practice contest, we came out second, being beat by Sridhar`s team at the last minute. Still, to think of Sridhar and his team mates and the amount of problems they`ve solved on the various OJs, it was pretty good 🙂

Other than that on the programming frontier – More people have started competing on Topcoder – including Swarna Prakash, Sivaguru and Thanu. Met a lot of my seniors on Topcoder – Nishant, Sridhar, Anusha and Viswa to name a few. I`ve been improving on Topcoder as well – see my profile. Ratings have been going up steadily – hope to become green soon, and steady blue by the end of the semester. I qualified for the first round of Topcoder Collegiate Challenge but couldnt take the online round as it was during the industrial visit. Came third in SRM Modern Brahmaas programming contest. Had fun in SRM – lots of sights and sounds 😛

Have to talk about the industrial visit. It was good, but i couldnt enjoy it fully since i was constantly having fights with people close to me. Lots of emotional stuff happened on the IV and it brought out new aspects of a lot of people. Issues that wouldnt have come out in any other way, came out and were resolved ( or so i hope! ). Will upload the photos soon. Check back here for the link!

Have started working on a project along with fourth years Anusha, Aruna and Jaya – a Sankrit Search engine we`ve code named Shaastra ( No relation to the tech fest we all know and enjoy 🙂 ). Its based in Java and uses Lucene for indexing. We`re using NetBeans IDE to develop the project. RP maam is mentoring us. Hope to do some good solid work on it soon.

Another project I`d love to get involved in is PicasaFS – the filesystem created by my senior and guide, Prashanth Mohan. He is seriously gonna kick me if I dont start on it soon. I keep promising and end up doing nothing! Must sit down and start it soon.

Right now , I`m off to a demo by another senior, RaveHanker, of Hackzor which he developed along with Prashanth. Its pretty interesting and I will need to use it, if my idea of comes to life one day 🙂 Ah, so much to do and so little time 🙂


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