A new love arrives :)

Finally bought a new laptop for myself – the Compaq Presario V3424TU :). Check out some of the specs:

1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 1.73 MHz Intel Core Duo, Bluetooth, Wireless, Vista Home and Widescreen ( Plus the usual configs – three usb ports, etc etc )

Got it for around 40K – for the config , its an absolute steal! The same config in other worse looking models is around 99k. So if you are looking for a great laptop, buy this beauty!

P.S Googling for the laptop model V3424 now throws up my blog before it does the actual hp page πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “A new love arrives :)

  1. Ads? What ads? For Macbook? Hmm. I haven’t seen any, but I can tell you that I spent over an hour on two separate occasions in the Apple Store in Bangalore recently. Apple products are BEAUTIFUL. Function and good looks in one package. Who would have thunk??

  2. Safari is beautiful, IMO, even if it is a bit low on the features. Have you seen how it searches within a page? That is the best implementation of Search – beautiful and functional. Typically Apple.

  3. Hi Vijay,

    Am picking up the V3424TU on 6th Aug 07.

    Btw, did you get a Reliance Data Card and Webcam and HP Headset free alongwith?

    Great buy though:)


  4. @Sampath


    I got a HP Headset,Optical Mouse and a 512 MB USB drive free with it. In order to get the Data Card and a MP3 player, I have to register on the Hp website and send the bill, etc.. Haven’t done that yet. Haven’t heard about a web-cam though!

  5. great post man…….

    Compaq and Hp (well both are same now) always have value for money policies and are always price tag friendly!……And great free goodies included…..

    anyways if you are intending to buy a notebook/laptop

    [b]Check out always:[/b]

  6. hey!
    i am placing the order for this thing tomo. i still dunno what colours it comes in? which colour did u get? lemme know how is this piece. thx.

  7. Hey, I got a black one too. Did yours have OEM versions of MsOffice? Because mine did.
    It’s working fine otherwise for now.

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