The art of creating delays, confusing people and getting rich :)

Yup, I`m talking about Software Engineering. Two weeks into this course and Ethics seems like such a lovable subject to us 🙂 But the icing on the cake is the end semester project which has got us all very very very confused. Two days ago we were all frantically conferencing trying to make sense.  Must have been the longest Yahoo conference we have ever done – from 7.30 to well beyond 11.30!


Got our Project approved – but dunno what`s gonna happen after this 😛 My friend Ganesh has blogged about the government`s tendering system and how pathetic it is – which is exactly what my project is 🙂


8 thoughts on “The art of creating delays, confusing people and getting rich :)

  1. Software engineering is an important course, though no one understands the subject or its importance when they study it for the first time. And especially when the teacher is bad, no one can be an exception!
    And what does “getting rich” signify ?

  2. I completely agree with Sriram. SE is a beautiful course !! But to understand it fully requires a bit of patience and maturity, both of which we dont have !!! Only when we break out of the college shell shall we truly understand the beauty of it 🙂

  3. @Sriram:

    Putting it in another way: “Swindling the client” or “Creating imaginary costs and needless delays” 🙂

    @Vijay Dev:

    Beautiful! One word never to be associated for me with that course!

    Both of you guys have working in the industry for at least a month now, has this course been useful???

  4. you guys have to be the first lot who discuss assignments over messenger …. c’mon , be normal , talk about women and how you’re never going to get them 😛 …

  5. Beautiful ? if a guy like T V Gopal handles the course, Yes !

    Useful ? Yeah!!!! And for a fact, I think that even u might have used some concepts of SE without fully realising it during ur interns at HM!

    The ultimate goal is that we have to understand the ideal way of software development… Never mind the boring textbooks !!

  6. @Vijay:

    Ya i agree. Looking back I have used it – but it has to be natural and should be used _only_ when necessary – the way its being taught now you would take six months to write a Hello World program for a client!

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