Why IITians beat CEGians hands down

I`ve been following the achievements of IITians and NITians in the Computer Science field and I have always wondered, what separates us CEGians from achieving the amazing results of the IITians and NITians? Student quality? They`re just more brilliant than we are? While that might be partially true, i believe the difference in intelligence between the colleges is not a galaxial leap. We do have brilliant chaps here at CEG. So what makes the difference? According to me, it is these points:

  • Connectivity: The single greatest boon to a comp sci student is a dedicated connection to the Internet. While IITians and NITians get dedicated connections even in their hostels, we don’t get a decent connection even in our labs! This makes a huge difference. Some of our most brilliant guys in our hostel and without a dedicated web connection, what can they do? Suppose they are interested in an upcoming technology – what can they do? Go read up in the library? Please! A net connection is a necessary part of our lives these days. Leaving it out in CEG leaves our huge hostel base grossly under utilized. More than half of CEG is slumbering in the hostel, what can we expect?!
  • Attendance and other rules: Are we school children? Why the attendance log? The concept of forced education at this stage is repulsive. We chose the college, we chose the branch, heck, we even choose our country leaders! And yet, the authorities deem it best to force lectures down our throat! Let me not even get started on the other rules! The authorities shouldn`t be hypocritical, forcing these rules to ‘focus us on learning’ and then not give us the infra structure needed for the learning itself!
  • Faculty: I do admit we have some of the best teachers in India. But the concept of matching lectures to staff on a random basis should be changed. Subjects shouldn`t be left like, whichever staff is free, can take it this time. Staff should be selected for the courses based on their own excellence and passion for the subject, so as to enable them to inspire the students to love the subject! Most of it happens the other way around in CEG.

I think that if these three things are changed we`ll see a huge improvement in CEGians` achievements. As someone who fell in love with the college in the first few days of the first sem, i definitely hope that`ll happen!


42 thoughts on “Why IITians beat CEGians hands down

  1. I dont want to break ur hopes but being practical, i can daresay the situation will definitely worsen rather than improve !! Take the eg. u have given about staff and subject mapping — it is based on seniority & not interest.

  2. I’m not agreeing with the third one ! Do you think that staffs are selected based on their passion for the subject, in IITs? Definitely NO!! So I dont think its a very valid reason πŸ™‚

  3. @Vijay

    I know! But still we can hope πŸ™‚


    Its because classes are like this i`m not listening. If they get better, a whole lot of others along with me are willing to listen

    The ratio of teachers who can inspire interest in the subject is definitely higher in the IITs. Read any blog of an IITian and you can find a mention of at least one great teacher!

  4. ya ..rules suck big time..and attendance..y the hell do we hv 2 sit in class if we dont like the lecture or the lecturer…damn it….

  5. I’ve been a hosteler and I’ve bitched about it almost too much. But, at the end of it, I don’t think
    its fair to blame them for all of it either. Now that we’ve joined college we don’t have much choice
    but to learn to suck it up and find right alternatives. πŸ™‚

    In my batch, the hostelers finally came around and invested on buying their own Internet
    connections. It was technically illegal, though I’m happy that they didn’t bust us on
    raids. Most of them made good use of their connections (I’d like to thing I played a small part in
    this) and we had pretty good results at the end of it.

    I’ve already stressed the importance of a net connection to the immediate juniors and they will do
    the same to you.

    The only thing we should do (apart from occasionally complaining about it πŸ˜‰ ) is to see what we can
    do to improve the situation in our own small way. Get the momentum rolling, encourage your friends
    to buy an internet connection. Ask them to participate in programming contests. Help them get REAL
    interest in learning without regards to scoring. Let’s hope with all this our college will, in
    course of time understand the importance of the Internet and do something about it

  6. Also,
    Faculty: I’m pretty sure that the faculty in IIT isn’t world class either. We have to learn to come in terms with the fact the being a faculty at our college is probably the last career option, if at all, in the mind of any student here. If _we_ don’t expect us to be working here, we shouldn’t expect great teachers, especially now when the job market has heated up again. Besides, in order to be a good teacher, Interest and an earnestness to impart knowledge are much more important than being smart.

    and Attendance?! Have you heard of _anyone_ being prevented from writing an exam due to lack of attendance? We are better off than most colleges and we should be thankful for that. I think it’s good to have this setup, we aren’t forced to have very high attendance but we still can’t slack off all to gather too.

  7. Knowing most of the faculties all over India in my research field, I should completely disagree Ravi’s comment on “I’m pretty sure that the faculty in IIT isn’t world class either”.

    Infact IIT’s are getting better and better faculties with researchers moving from the US to India.

    Thats where we differ.

  8. @Ravehanker:

    I agree you dont have to be smart to be great teacher. But there`s all the difference in the world between letting someone who knows the subject well and has an interest in it take it, and letting someone who needs to fill their time take it. I believe the right teacher can influence a student`s liking for a subject a great deal.

    While I dont expect world class teachers, at least they should take some course_related_to_their_specialization!

    As for attendance, while we mostly are better than Panimalar and Jeppiar and the like, we`re supposed to be one of the premier colleges in TN and we should be aspiring to do better! A superb environment is very helpful in producing superb engineers!

  9. In US universities, faculty’s work is measured in terms of the number of publications they make in a year.
    It is same in the IITs as well. Faculties publish a lot. They produce “way lot” papers than our professors.

    I read this Microsoft Research survey a couple of years back about all colleges in India which ranked them. CEG was ranked below IITs and there was one striking comment which said “In IITs education is research based while in CEG it is teaching based”

    It is quite evident. Infact most of us work with profs only for FYPs and FYP is considered as one more mini-project mostly.
    It will take some to change this trend.

  10. But, even though all the above matters..
    I still dont agree with your topic.

    It all depends on the individual to go beyond hurdles and achive things and I should say CEG gives you all the opportunities as the IITs.
    Be it you want to work in the world’s top most company, on study in the world’s top most university, or any extra-curricular, competitions etc etc etc, for everything CEG gives you the opportunity. Its completely about the individual to grab them.

    Its just about the individual’s “enthusiasm” and CEG is a great platform if you are enthusiastic to achieve

  11. @Lenin:

    I agree enthusiasm matters a lot. But authorities can also effectively douse the wildest enthusiasm. In our hostels, not only do we not get net connections, we are penalized for using our own money to use cell phones to do that. The environment plays a major part and you have to pretty optimistic to keep going against the tide for four years!

    In the end its up to the individual of course, but i`d say IITs help them, while CEG tries to keep its grip on the students, and in the process, pour cold water on students` enthusiasm.

  12. I totally agree with you.The facilities in our college have to be impoved.It hampers our interest.We go to the libraries and computer labs searching for some important piece of information and there we see computers without a mouse,keyboard and some with a hole in the proccesor inside which there is nothing.The attendance thing sucks!!Why cant they let a student study by himself or herself if he can?why make him/her come to college and make him bunk classes which he would have happily did resting in his house.

  13. @Srivatsan:

    Anyone who`s used the NetLab would totally agree with you. Even worse the RCC! As for,

    “why make him/her come to college and make him bunk classes which he would have happily did resting in his house.”


  14. @VC

    “The environment plays a major part and you have to pretty optimistic to keep going against the tide for four years!” — Yes, u have to. For ur own sake !

    Just analyse what we have got and what we have not. Dont compare IITs with us and disappoint yourself. I have seen the blazing speeds of internet connections and how they use it in IITs (ofcourse movie downloads, afaik). For gr8 faculty, its money that spoils them all. They are no longer inspired to teach to students and especially those who always complain πŸ™‚ about matters that are not at all in their hands !!

  15. @Vijay Dev:

    Disappointed? Yes a little bit but for the most part i am optimistic. And while any facility can be abused, it is in the hands of the user to decide that. The most irking thing is that Anna University Coimbatore etc are getting 8mbps connections!! I have no idea why our own college doesnt upgrade to that!

  16. We never looked at comparisons this way.
    My batch was full of peer-competition. We always looked at the fact, what our classmates did (here you cant complain about the fact one had better facities/faculties/infrastructure than other) and it was a kind of race where everyone of us wanted to be at top in every field from academics, projects, publications, placements, grad schools, programming, competitions, leadership etc.
    And we were always looking out for the opportunities and tried to get hold of them.
    And after we came out of college, we tried to rate ourself how we performed with respect to the IITians and to say, we did really really well.

  17. @Lenin:

    The purpose of my post was not to demoralize ourselves by comparison or to complain about things we cant control. I was merely wondering what made the difference. I believe CEGians have the potential to equal IITians – going to the ACM World Finals, for instance, will involve being better than them :).

    We pick up all the good things from our seniors and I believe we`ve picked up on the healthy competition trend as well. Its just that from time to time, we look outside our college and ponder πŸ™‚

  18. “What separates us CEGians from achieving the amazing results of the IITians and NITians?”

    You are comparing achievements and results with NITians?
    And whats your conclusion on that?

  19. NIT is just another government-run college where I feel the students get better facilities than us. I am not saying that CEGians dont achieve amazing things, I`m simply saying NIT chaps have better facilities and that might help the students achieve better.

  20. i can accept the first thing and i think thts the only true thing …i heard thy too hv some worst teachers like v hv

  21. @vinod:

    You can`t have ALL good faculty anywhere! Thats too tough to achieve. And as for the second point, it is the rules which lead to the first point in the first place!

  22. I’m an IITian and hence I think I can offer a different perspective.

    1. About facilities: Facilities are very important especially in subjects like electrical engineering, communications etc.
    For a subject like Maths maybe facilities are not important. But for “engineering” it is. Enthusiasm matters. But think of what happens when enthusiasm is coupled with facilities. One of my friends interacted with one of the top esearchers in the field for his BTech Project. This would not have been possible without the connectivity.
    BUT you can do quite a lot without facilities. All i’m saying is you can do a lot more with it.

    2. About IIT professors:
    a. No, all professors are not good.
    b. Most of the professors are good and some are brilliant.
    c. Some professors join for the sheer passion of teaching.
    I was fortunate to study under one such professor.


    ” His technical contributions at GE and Ericsson have resulted in 19 US patents, 9 journal papers and 23 conference publications. In this role, he was responsible for an R&D team of 75 engineers developing EDGE technology, with an annual operating budget of US $20 Million.”

    d. Professors enjoy a great degree of academic freedom.

    3. To the person who said “knuth doesn’t use email”. Yes, knuth doesn’t use email. That doesn’t mean email is not useful. It just means that email is not useful to knuth. Think
    how the entire opensource movement depend upon email.
    Without a blog or internet would we be having this discussion?

  23. Everything has its effect…..nobody likes attending classes…everybody knows the lecturers suck…everyone knows u could probably do better things with your time at home doing(coding,gaming,sketching etc) whtever it is like….yet….”It is not right to blame, it is not right to blame our pea brained lecturers for their pointless lectures, it is not right to blame the attendance constraints, it is not right to blame the stench from the toilet next to ur class!!!”….we guys are better than tht….its important tht u use this to build “character”…be grateful that u can bunk when u want to and our college and lecturers arent strict bout tht etc etc(find whtever u can to help keep ur sanity). Reclaim your humanity, if someone pushes a boulder in, dont sit and whine bout it… get up show tht guy a finger and walk on.
    In case after all ur effort u snap…and want to blow up the campus….let the rest of us know bout it in advance, id personally want to find a good spot with some popcorn to watch the fireworks.

    (in case ur an administrator from univ and happen to be reading this….u ought to ashamed of urself for being an impediment in our lives….ur just lucky…we think right…else we would have set ur asses on fire ages ago…. )

  24. College Of Engineering ( CEG ) , Anna university ,Chennai is a useless institution , where ‘ Quality ‘ doesn’t have a role to play , unlike other major universities world over .

    All the college does is , failing the candidates , asking to take summer /arrear courses for thousands of Rupees .

    All the TRA’ s ( Training & Research Assosciates ) who join to teach freshers are dam sucking when it comes to core papers .

    The age old Main Building ( Red color bldng ) doesnt even have proper water disposal facilities , making rains to spill over exam papers during exams during rainy seasons . :))

    There never had been any response from the teaching staffs all thru my college days , when it comes to guiding students for an exam preparation .

    The quality is Dampening day by day , & it reflects on the no of students opting to choose CEG , AU during counselling .

    IIT ‘s , PSG College of Tech , VIT all are gem of universities . Long live those .

    All in all , CEG sucks…….

  25. @Keerthi:

    Think you’re being too critical! There are some nice things in CEG. I dont know what branch you studied, but at least for Computer Science, we have some very good staff. I dont deny some things in CEG are bad, but I could never agree that ” CEG Sucks” πŸ™‚

  26. The Winning Case of the Non-IITian Venkataraman Ramakrishnan.

    When Venkataraman Ramakrishnan won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry , I first saw his age. It said 57. Then is he from one of the famous IIT’s was my next question. No , the search engine said. Then I wrote ” Google, Google on the screen , from which University is this Venkataraman Ramakrishnan. Google said ” MS University Baroda”. I was happy. In my deliberations with tail end , middle order and higher order intellect , I have always lost the arguement with IIT ians that brand name is no barometer for scholarly , erudite contributions.

    I was waiting that one day , I would win the arguement. Yes , The first week of November 2009 , was the day I rejoiced like a small kid. Here was a non-IITian , not hyped , to be declared a Nobel Prize winner. It was a great joy for me , for all the argumentative IITians are in the portals of great Universities and very particular in recruiting their own brand and live on reputation. Ahoy!!! Here comes a non-IITian , a non confirmist to win the Nobel Prize
    in Chemistry.

    As soon as I knew that it was a non-IITian , I went on my holidays from overseas to IIT in Mumbai as a visitor , bought seven dishes. I just went to buy these dishes from the cafeteria. Out I came with those dishes and distributed it freely to a poor family outside the campus. Such was the joy in me. My celebartions have never stopped. I hope to feed some more and rejoice a non-IITian winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

  27. @Vijay. Its not all about faculty or attendance. I ve been a guy who stayed away from class 25 – 40% of the time. The thing is the kinda of the examinations we are faced with. Chuck co-curricular and extra-curricular. there has been subjects where just by byhearting a book(it’s possible!!!!) you can get A without even understanding a damn word in it. We aren’t faced to apply the things we learn. Its just mere reproduction of what we hear in class.

    the lectures can never be interesting unless there is a real use for it. Once this is changed we wouldn’t need a attendance log to make students goto class.

  28. yea….nirmal kumar and nirmala devi from ece becoming asst. profs…..that will definitely strengthen the staff πŸ˜›

    but your point on brilliance of the students is on the dot!

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