The Fourth Sem, Manali and HeyMath!

Well i`m back with another long story-of-my-life post 🙂 . To sum the 4th sem up – nothing fantastic, wasn’t too bad, wasn’t too good either. My feelings about my semesters are going in an continuous downward arc from second sem onwards. This sem also the trend continued. But it had a few bright points 😛

Academically this sem was the worst. My entire class sunk to the level of just pass (or worse ) in many subjects – esp a beautiful subject named Theory of Computation.Technically all of us should have aced this subject as its nothing but pure logic – but somehow the average of the class remained at 7 for 25 😛 Most of the subjects this semester were like that – but marks wise we were going deep down the rabbit hole.. Amazing how things finally turned out! 🙂 I got a 9.148 and my class totally rocked with a quite a few people getting above 9 🙂

Two things really brightened up this semester – Kurukshetra and Techofes. Kurukshetra was amazing, and we had lots of fun managing the various events ( was a bit hectic though 😛 ).
We laid back and enjoyed in Techofes. The scale of Techofes ( or at least the night events) was amazing this year. They sunk a lot of money into it this year and u could tell just by looking at the stage erected for the music show – it was awesome! The whole thing was really professional and we really enjoyed the show!

Another thing that went good this sem was Programming – In the two ACM programming contests, my team was placed 3rd and 1st. Felt good to see our names up on the notice board :). Correspondingly my ranking on SPOJ has increased a lot too – My world rank is now in the 200s and i`m among the top 30 Indian programmers. But I`ll boast on that more in a seperate post 😛

I spent a refreshing week at Kulu Manali. Will put the links for the photos up here later. In short, it was wonderful – in direct contrast to the heat of Chennai. Only thing was it was all Hindi speaking blokes there and nobody in my family knew Hindi 🙂 We got by somehow and enjoyed a lot there!

And to cap it all up, thanks to my super senior Prashanth Mohan, I`ve got an internship at HeyMath!, a Chennai- based start-up thats been growing explosively. One month hobnobbing with software experts from IITs and management experts from IIMs, what more could i want! And i get paid for it too 😛


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