Ceg manatha vaanga poringu!

Yup! That was how our mu p ( microprocessor ) madam summarized her opinion of my batch. In her opinion, we are the worst batch ever to hit the CSE Dept in recent years and, according to her, we`ll create so bad an effect on the CEG name, that the top rankers will choose SSN over us! I was wondering whether we really were so bad and i dont think we are, whatever field you choose! A look at some of the “gethu” people of my batch whom i know:

  • Thanumalayan – Head tech guy in our year CS. Java Guru. Any technical doubts you have, go to him. Excellent programmer. My class topper last sem too.
  • Vinod – Excellent researcher. Foremost in enthu in learning new stuff. This guy just goes out there, thinks up a project, simply learns whatever he needs to do it, and finishes the project. There is nothing he cannot find on the web, no e-book he cannot get for you!
  • Jegan – Stays up-to-date on all the new technologies that come up. Among the very few people in AB Batch with a technical orientation of mind. Very good programmer.
  • Prashanth – Math genius. First class performer on the mridungam. Does three concerts per day in the music season!
  • Sivaguru – Excellent problem solver. Among the top 100 ACM ranked programmers in India. Need i say more? Also one of the best Sport quizzers in Chennai.
  • Nitin – Among the best Sport Quizzers in India! Finalist in ESPN College Quiz Champions of the World.
  • Narayanan – Nitin`s teammate in the finals of ESPN College Quiz Champions of the World. AB Batcher 😛
  • Srikant – Excellent public speaker. One of the best i`ve ever seen. Guy can talk his way out of anything and everything!
  • Pradep -Superb graphics designer. Every poster in CSAU and CSE is designed by him. If you saw his posters you wouldn`t believe he`s a second year! Great programmer too – his team was ranked 23rd in Shaastra`s OPC last year.
  • Rahul – State Under-19 Cricket Captain. Played for India in under-15 category : Went to Lords and played against England Junior team.
  • Srivatsan – Walking talking Math. Winner of countless Math and Geography olympiads. One of the top 200 programmers in India ( going by ACM Ranking )

And i could go on and on.. To boost us up , we got a rare compliment from Lenin anna – he said we`re the most brilliant ( in terms of enthu ) batch he`s seen.. Lets see in two years time whether we bring CEG laurels or shame – but i hope it`ll be the former!


14 thoughts on “Ceg manatha vaanga poringu!

  1. vijay – i agree with u

    CEGians u can feel proud when u read this

    a girl from SSN didnt like that college & had somehow joined in my class this sem

  2. ya vijay.. i don think we r tht bad…not to 4get…you r the best programmer and robtic genius……mup mam shud be delighted to take class 4 us!!!

  3. Every year, every batch this comment comes up from those “specific teachers”. I dont know what they gain out of telling such generalised statement.
    Anyway, just ignore them and dont bother about them. Keep working as you people do.

  4. Dai CEG manatha namma mattum vaanga porathu illa da… NAMMALUM athula oru share holdera irukkalam. Thappe illa… Etho nammalaala mudinja chinnna udhavi .. And thnx for all that super duper comments….

  5. Vijay, your name must be at the top of the list!!
    U are CEG thala..
    Who would dare to call your batch “the worst” after seeing “Vijay Chidambaram” in the attendance register??

  6. @Naren

    LOL! You should see the reaction one of my other teachers has to my name 😛 Sort of like a shudder 🙂 I get the lowest grades in that 🙂

  7. haha. but isnt that the standard dialogue all professors give??!! i think they say that irrespective of how brilliant students are..
    remember our school?!!

  8. Its good to read your old posts da… with all the current hectic schedule, i forgot who i was and how i was at college… This post reminds me of myself 🙂

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