Kurukshetra 07

Kurukshetra 07 is finally over! The event was a huge success! People from as far as Dehradun came and participated! I was involved in three events or parts of Kurukshetra:

  1. The website – I was in charge of general maintanence, updation, and some design stuff. Found out just how tough it was to maintain an entreprise level website. But it was worth it in the end – appreciation all around 🙂
  2. The online tech hunt -Conceptualised by a team of 4 (including me) and designed by me. 30 levels of nerve-racking fun! Since it was a sort of last minute job, it was cracked in 3 days from the time it was published. It was a MEGA success. Over 42,000 hits and counting. All the participants had some very nice things to say about us also 🙂
  3. Dalal BullNavina and I designed the software for the virtual stock market. Due to frequent power cuts on the first day of the event ( we had no back-up power ), the software malfunctioned. This was immediately set right and the event went on smoothly for the next two days. Feels good to know u`ve written some code thats gonna be used in many events in the future! Current plans are to include an event like Dalal Bull in Techofes.

Looks like Kurukshetra will be a regular event in CEG from now on. Some bugs will have to be ironed out though. For example, Techofes and Abacus come close on the heels of Kurukshetra. Three national level events so closely spaced together wont be good – since the same people may be working on all three events! Once that is done however, Kurukshetra 08 will twice as good as Kurukshetra 07 🙂

Kurukshetra 07 was the first time an event of this magnitude ( comparable to Shaastra of IIT-M ) was conducted. History was written , so to speak. Feels good to have been a part of that!


6 thoughts on “Kurukshetra 07

  1. some complaints … clashingof events … most of it was’nt organised properly , but since you’re first timers , I forgive you :p … just playing , it was good, congrats.

    PS: make some hot girls sit at the help desk , the ones there looked like men.

  2. If you are incharge of the website, can you update it plz…it still reads…

    “Kurukshetra is scheduled to be held between the 4th and 7th of January 2007. With a dazzling event cluster that is guaranteed to stimulate the scientific and the not-so-scientific lobes of the brain, and a host of fun events, quizzes and crosswords to spice up the days, Kurukshetra promises to be a fantastic concoction! Usher in your new year with a flamboyant display of tech skills!”

    probably u want to replace that with a vote of thanks and pictures of the event.

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