Wake up CS!!

I was recently talking to Sivaguru on what an absolute waste this sem has been [well, not counting 30 odd problems at acm :)]. All we did was study and that too in a very very laid back manner. Both of us agreed that studying was one thing best left to the AB Batch. They`ve got people who`ve made it their life mission in get geth cgpas. Well we have our very own Raghuram but whats one guy compared to fifty odd people all bent on merciless academic domination!:P

We did have our projects this sem – but both projects were none too technical – just above average! And compared to some legendary projects that have been done by our seniors, what we did was absolutely nothing! We really need to improve our technical knowledge..

We were talking about what our seniors had done in our semesters- from Lenin anna who wrote a new compression algorithm to our present fourth years who had already started rocking the world of online programming contests!

I was going through a few of my seniors blogs and sites and i was totally amazed. Total information overload! I knew my seniors were cool but i didnt imagine they were this cool.
Consider Prashanth Mohan. He`s created a software that allows people to pool their internet access times and thus maximize usage of free downloads of everybody`s account. Awesome!!

Another amazer, is Ravi Shanker. Placed already in Yahoo!. He`s developing a Judge for the online programming contest in a language i`ve never heard of till now. And i`m supposed to be the nerd! 😛

So Siva and I have resolved to do something technical this sem – lets see how long this resol stands :P. And to all the mega- padips in AB Batch( though its unlikely in the extreme that they`ll ever read this ), WAKE UP! Cgpas are not the only things that matter – you may have extreme brain power but that isnt going to help u **** when ur going to be placed! So apart from the spirit of CS and all that, do it for your own careers! CS is one amazing stream where u literally learn your trade – evything u do here is gonna reflect in your career. So please wake up!


15 thoughts on “Wake up CS!!

  1. totally agree dude. way to go man. stick it to thm. and have u noticed siva seems to be getting a lot of text bytes in our blogs da[:d]

  2. @srikant

    He he, we`ll see how the AB Batchers react.. Siva`s the only one who listens to all my crap da! So his net presence in my blog 😛

  3. cool vijay…
    i agree with all your thoughts… this s wat i have been thinking for de past 1.5 yrs… exams are jus a recognition to get us through these 4 yrs…

    projects, papers and competitions are stuffs that really matters

    after knowin wat our seniors hav done, i really feel ashamed of my status at ceg da… but, no use in crying over spilt milk….

    lets join hands and rock from now on


  4. poda naaye….u talkin abt the ab batch ppl wen ur life ambition is 2 b a 10 pointer …dei did u 4get tellin me tht u were goin 2 study like hell the next sem coz u screwed up this time…..ya ya I fully agree with u abt the projects and all…WE suck…..we really hv 2 improve….
    well neways keep the posts comin ..i love commentin on ur blog da…

  5. @ nitin

    everybody feels that after screwing up 😛 Let`s see if i really do it!

    Ya we have to improve , especially lazy fellows like u 😛

  6. Whoever said CGPA doesnt matter is a bummer! CGPA is all that matters!

    But of course there are some pathetic creatures who are prefer to say that they are “above CGPA” rather than saying “I can’t get marks” and I belong to the former 🙂

  7. @prashanth:

    I got that idea from your blog only anna! All the links from your blog go to geth people who dont necessarily dont high cgpas but still are placed in MS, Yahoo 😛

  8. gethu ppl…. heh, This will make some ppl happy 🙂

    damn man I just realised it. I am the only one with no cgpa no MS or Y! 😦

  9. Its good to see you people getting inspiration from the seniors.
    It always works that way! We searched through the profiles of our seniors and used to discuss “Ah… see his projects, see his acm record, see his publications, see his cgpa”. Thats how it works. Compare and Compete with your seniors. And things get better each year.

  10. @Vijay

    That senior you’re talking about is now a coder@Mircosoft and IIRC he *owns* the DHCP server code. It’s hearting see some action with the second years and I’m actually quite jealous that we didn’t have this kind of awareness when we were like you people(i suddenly feel old 😦 ). We will do our best to help you guys before we pass out of college

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