After getting the blogger people to restore my blog two times( their server keep deleting my blog accidentally :p ) and changing the site redirection from some wierd church site, I`m finally back with my blog! To all the people who actually missed my blog( and actually told me so), thanks a lot!

Today was Sparks 2006, and it was absolutely amazing. I initially had my doubts about my juniors but i was absolutely blown away by the amount of hard work and effort that they put into Sparks( the news of which, incidentally, i got from Sivaguru and Nitin, since i was too busy with Brain Scan to get into Sparks this year ). Sparks was an amazing success and we had a record participation – over 800 students from various schools in and around Chennai registered for the events! This was no mean thing, for they had to beat our set`s record 453 turn out( which we managed even in the dingy MBA Audi – [ for outsiders, thats about a quarter of the size of the audi they got today] ). Kudos to the Juniors!

And since the semester is almost gonna close, i`ll make my usual statements – this sem was ok, but not as good as the prev ones :). Learnt a lot about people this sem. How to manage people who irritate u like hell. How to manage people u dont like. How to manage the people u like too much ( this one`s esp hard 🙂 ) How to manage people u like but who dont like u and how to manage people who u dont like but like u! This sem`s been all about relationships and the complex webs that result thereof. [ Refer to Srikant for his famous A,B,C,X,Y,Z theory on realtionships with gals :D]. Had lots of really bad mood swings this sem – causeless periods of undefined depression. Was talking to a senior about all this yesterday – his advice “free ya vidu” !

Then i realised how much being close to a event kinda clouds your judgement.. sometimes u need to step back and look at the bigger picture – Looking at which, I had a lot of fun this sem! :D. Organising Brain Scan, going to Shaastra ( a lot of my class guys went to that for “fringe benefits” – ask Nitin and Srivatsan(M) for detailed explanations :p ), getting involved in Kurukshetra and thoroughly making a mess of life in general!

P.S If on reading this, u understood nothing , don`t worry. Even i cant understand what i’ve written on reading through it again. But for those close friends who do, thank god i have u guys!


5 thoughts on “B.A.C.K!

  1. well vijay…nice way to come back into blogger world.To say the truth,ya i did understand much of it,there was only 1 thing i coudnt understand though….who is that person u like “too much”??:D….and ya sparks was amazin..
    PS:-thanks for usin my name in your blog twice!!!!!!!

  2. @nitin:

    That particular bit is secret da :D.. And if u like your name in my posts, watch out for the next one – gonna be all about u and certain other people in our class 😛

  3. Well vijay commendable effort at blogging[:p] seeing u have been doing it for a long time now. Frankly speaking i myself was amazed at the mood swings i had this sem. Whn i first metioned the A->XYZ theory i had no idea it would be this popular[:d] And hey I coined the term “fringe benefits” too. i never knew i was this quoteable. hm……. maybe i have a future in public speaking after all……

  4. @anon:

    Dei anybody who knows u wud say u have a very good potential career in public speaking in marketing 😛 .. Ur A->XYZ theory is good da.. Applied to me as well 😛

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