Oh, for Medieval Times!

Of late , i`ve been dreaming and wishing for the medieval times to be back. Yes, u heard me right – the times of war, dictatorship and the slash and burn. Of late i`ve been so disillusioned with all the hypocrity, the ego , the backstabbing and just plain meanness of this world that i think it wud be paradise living in the old times. The single greatest thing i love about those times is that they called a spade a spade. Here, we have so many versions of hypocrisy that it becomes diff to follow! Worse still is the fact that people believe that they are being actually clever in being a hypocrite! I asked a friend of mine, he said that noboby does thing the straight way these days and that i`m also not expected to!!

I hate these snide hints that people give each other. In the olden times, people knew their borders – if they were close to a guy , they asked him outright for favors, and if they were`nt , they didnt. But today.. people ask u stuff as if its a huge boon for u to help them! What is wrong here?

What was bravery in those times is foolishness today. Honesty and frankness is out of style. The two things i loved best about those times was Honesty and Chivalry. One of my friends again suprised me one day “Don`t u know chivalry is dead?”. Is it?

One more thing i loved about those times was that everybody had a purpose – everyone had their assgined jobs, and they did this to best of their ability. Today? Doing their best is the last thing on anybody`s minds.. i dont mean that one shud be the best in what one did.. but at least one shud have a passion for what one does..

One thing i lack is the ability to sense when people mean one thing when they mean another. I`ve been trying to get this skill for some time now, but no matter what, i always end thinking something while the other person “means” another! I totally dont understand the concept of “leading upto stuff”, “hinting stuff”,”since i said this, i meant this”!! Why cant people just talk straight for some time!! 🙂

On reading this again, i find that i started with one topic.. but ending with quite another. Hope i make sense.

And thanks to Smrithi for this really novel way of a postscript!


6 thoughts on “Oh, for Medieval Times!

  1. hah.. ur welcome very much.. the hypocrisy bit i completely agree .. but who said it was better in the medievale times? i gues the grass is greener on the other side. wats been written abt the medival times is all we have. am sure a thousand years later.. only the productive stuf is rememeberd.. al the useles shit abt our times wil b forgotten too. and hypocrisy i thik has been existing from time immemorial! nice post 🙂

  2. Do u think life was easy in the medieval times?? Life seemed to be in hell during medieval times – with lots of war and death. People were denied the basic fundamental rights – the right of speech and expression.[Hope u remember hitler and Mussolini]!! Regarding hypocrisy – As soon as u find a person to be a hypocrite, avoid him/her. Life without hypocrites is impractical…!

  3. machan…perfect…chivalry is dead da..!!…what we need to maintain now is the four values that knights stood for..
    what say we start an order now da..!!..the knights of the order of CEG…!!!

  4. @naren:

    Dei now also lots of people dont have freedom of speech.. so u cant claim an improvement in that area!

    Ya.. maybe.. but still, if u helped a gal in those times, u got gratitude.. now u try to help.. well, u know what happens!

    He he, great idea anna.. we`ll start it.. but only the two of us will be members!!

  5. well you have to learn to live with it.. sadly the world is infested with people like that and this is just the begining

    have fun , be happy

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