Of Books And Music

Books and music have always had a lot of influence on my moods and beliefs.. Books in particular have always had the ultimate effect on me.. I would read a book, and it would totally change my mood.. A good book would leave its impact on me for at least a week… Each time i read a book, i totally identify myself with the main character.. You should ask my friends, how involved i get when i read a book :).. I wud adopt some of the beliefs of the character.. It wud kind of change me..

Since childhood, my idols, role-models have always been literary characters, rather than real life.. Holmes, Dumbledore,Ruzhyo.. all magnificient characters.. I have always felt within each of these characters was a perfect way of living a kind of life.. each different, but perfect..

I treasure books.Ya, I`m a GRADE A certified bookworm! Proud of it! Books have always been my release..

Movies are another story altogether.. I`m not a movie buff. I dont eagerly wait in line for the next movie and see it first day, first show. Yet, movies have this profound impact.. to me, the dialogues and the sound track carry the whole impact of the movie.. My fav movies have all made this HUGE impact on me.. Lord of The Rings, The Matrix, Gladiator,Ocean`s Eleven( and Twelve), Kaaka Kaaka, Padaiyappa..

I loved the Lord of the Rings for the principles it denotes.. these are not seen on such a scale today..

The Matrix for the way neo comes back.. to me thats the ultimate expression fo hope…

Gladiator again for the principles.I LOVED the soundtrack in the film, the soundclip at the last is one of the most peaceful i`ve ever heard..

Ocean`s Eleven and Twelve- partly for the comedy and for showing Life is a challenge.. I LOVED the dance across the laser field in second film. Awesome!

Kaaka Kaaka – for the beautiful way it shows love.. and for jyothika`s character in the movie.. Ultimate romantic film for me.. I watch the clippings again and again and again..

Padaiyappa – This i love just for the super star..A classic rajni film, its got so much of his style that i love.. And for the “MINSAARA KANNA” song – ultimate!

P.S Watched too less films this sem. Maybe thats why my life feels out of balance! 🙂

P.P.S People who read this post, please comment! I need to know if u think i`m a raving lunatic 🙂


6 thoughts on “Of Books And Music

  1. haha.. cute post.. books do make a big impact on me too. but as for movies, only the really good ones.. nah.. ur not a raving lunatic because of this :))

  2. well i don think ur a raving lunatic da…..but if u don stay away frm some ppl from now on!!!!!!my comments wont be so very generous so be careful

  3. @ nitin:

    That depends on a lota things.. U, some people in our class, and plain old luck! Keep commenting!

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