The Second Sem – What happened to the magic?

Well, the second sem started in a pretty normal way with the usual classes and labs. We didnt even have to shift much- our new classroom is in the main building itself. The great change came about in the form of the Saturday classes – a curse to our carefree lives. We were`nt able to go for movies, etc. The days became hectic.

In my new class, the only friend from the great F batch was Vinod. The class was full of hostelers ( about 85%). Worst of all, there was Raghuram in my class – the guy(!) who always studies(literally). The guy comes to coll with 10 kg worth of books everyday – u cud develop your muscles lifting his bag! And he`s always studying and worse , expects everyone else to be like him. All he knows about are studies and marks and uh, statistics!

No wonder the days didnt seem to go by quickly. Another huge thorn was our English class. Ask around in my class and u will find the level of unbridled enthusiasm(!) we have for this class and our wonderful teacher! Other than that, the other teachers were ok and math madam was superb!

Gradually, we developed into a group- Sivaguru, Srikant, Srivatsan,Sanjay and myself. About them:

Srikant – This is one guy who is always cracking jokes. Around him, u just cant be glum. His brain is top-rate (esp digital design- how do u do it da?). On the off side though, there is his sick sense of decency..

Sivaguru – This guy is one role model for how u want to be. He studies well, has great sense of humor and doesn’t go after gals. He is THE MAN if u consider quiz..esp sports quiz..

Srivatsan – This tall, thin guy is an example of walking, talking math – u cant beat him at it. He is well known for putting mokkai incessantly( we think this is a trait of those from his school… ex:sunil..). Besides that, he is very jovial and always helps his friends. A guy with a lot of connections..

Sanjay – The gentleman. This  guy is soft spoken and smart and amazingly brilliant. He has this quirky sense of humor that is.. well.. hilarious. His one minus point is his tendency to worry about marks( after -effect of sitting near Raghuram?)

One minus point of hanging out with these guys is ppl think  u r brilliant – one prime ex is our e-mech class. Siva and Srikant wud do the probs and by virtue of sitting between them.. so wud I :). The diff is they know how to do the prob while all i know is how to copy really fast..

The other two ppl who made a great impact on me this sem is Nitin Natarajan and Narayanan(Nari for short).Nitin is this guy who though an nri, doesn’t act like one( now dont ask how an nri acts..) He`s brilliant at sports, volleyball in particular.. and is very keen on sports quiz and music..

Nari is an enigma – u try and try to understand him .. and u cant. Everytime i think i reasonably know him.. he goes off and does something completely reverse.. I thought he was a silent guy.. u shud have seen him at the freshers.. 🙂

I managed to see three movies this sem [ 😦 ] – paramasivam,aathi and Kalvanin Kadhali – only the latter was at a theater with frens.. paramasivam was ok, aathi was bad and KK was worse!

Whats wrong with this sem is that unlike the last sem, when i managed to balance both acads and fun( thnx to lenin anna), this sem, i find myself not doing both..  The second sem is simply not as much as fun as the first!


One thought on “The Second Sem – What happened to the magic?

  1. Vijay Chidambaram (fondly called by a lot of other names)has this uncanny ability to do wonders with a computer.And here he is with a wonderful website which i think is amazingnot just because he has posted only sunil’s drawings and not hi mokkai’s,but this is different .He has done a great job and also has shown his regards for some great people like me and i wish this will continue !

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