The First Semester – looking back

Time flies so fast – the first semester is already over! It was absolute fun!

Semester started on August 18th. I remember our very first class very well – it was Engineering Graphics (EG). Mr.Parthasarathy took our first class – in the beginning it was fun, he asking us lots of questions and getting enthusiastic responses from us. But the professor droned on and on and on, not getting anywhere near the subject. Finally, five minutes before lunch, he told us that what he had told us was an “abstract intro” to engineering graphics!

From then on, college got better and better – I met Hari, a real gem of a person. Hari and I soon became friends. If it were not for him, some periods of college would have been unbearable. The next lucky thing that happened was the Pathfinder programme organized by the Student Quality Club (about the only good thing they did all semester). It was there that I first saw Lenin Ravindranath – the fourth year college topper who has influenced my life so much. After the meeting, I went home and checked out his profile on the net – it was amazing. He had found the perfect balance between work and play. Till then, my idea about college was that it was the next stage of study, sort of next school. He (or rather, his profile) showed me that college had much more to offer , and that one could be active in all the exo-academic matters too and still get good marks!

I joined the Computer Society of Anna University, at first merely to see the organization that was headed by Lenin. After attending the first meeting, I sort of understood how the Comp Soc is the largest, richest technical organization on campus. They were all sort of family in the Comp Soc – everyone knew everyone else and there existed a splendid understanding between them all. I liked the Society immediately and started to participate in all the events conducted.

There was Eureka at first, which made us feel at home in Anna University. It was a sort of Quiz, Dumb Charades, etc combined. Shivaguru (read genius), Arun (read tech guru) and I participated in the Quiz, got selected for the finals and won second place in the Quiz!

Then there was the Treasure Hunt – it was the first treasure hunt I had participated in, and it was absolute fun! It war raining in the morning – we arrived late and found that the others had already overtaken us. We wandered around not finding a single clue till twelve. Then we found the clues at a rapid pace and managed to finish second!

We had our first assessments in the 3rd week of September. The questions were ok (to be optimistic). Most of us did moderately well. The thing with our math sir is that if it is not neat, he’ll cut off half mark here, half mark there and so on. If you go and ask for marks, he’ll put the marks readily. God knows how he corrected our sem papers!

Then came another cultural event, Agni. Agni was lots of fun. We participated in some of the events but for the most part, we were watching the seniors participate in the events. There were lots of events like Harry Potter quiz, math quiz, business quiz, etc. Event management was cool! Everything was carried out perfectly!

After Agni came the great Brainscan. It was an event that was conceived and carried out by Lenin. There were various questions like alphanumeric codes, lateral thinking, etc. It was superb! Hari and I managed to get into the finals. The final problem was to complete the paper within two hours. It was tough! We managed to finish most of the questions and we won by a smaaaaaaaaaal margin! It was great! They gave us a beautiful cup plus super cash prizes!

Then came the other small culturals like resonance, SME, etc. It was not possible for us to attend these coz we were already running low on attendance. Still we attended the Prodigy 2005, the culturals conducted by the Computer Science department. It rocked! The event management was out-a-this world! Every single event started and ended in time! It gave us an idea of effective time management, how to host an event, etc!

Then on October 29th was conducted the event, Sparks! It was great fun working with the seniors (especially raghav and asad) to conduct the events. I managed Jam (Just-A-Minute). It was superb, since I got super-enthu team-mates like Ganesh, Srikant, Srivatsan, Smrithi, Bhavna, Nisha, Akila, etc. On Sparks day, we had a lot of problems, mostly technical – the comps didn’t work, the software didn’t work. But Comp Soc is not the largest technical org for nothing! The problems were soon fixed and even though we were a bit late, the events proceeded smoothly. We had participation of over 400!

After Sparks was over, we had a spate of assessments – the teachers wanted to finish off the second and third assessments in a hurry. So we didn’t have time for anything else for a while. Like the boxer who has received a punch between the eyes, we wandered around in a trance. At these times, my friend Sunil was a big help – his main characteristic is utter disinterest in what the teacher may be doing. We really enjoyed the last days with him. We would be playing something – bingo, hangman, something. Madam would be glaring at us. I would nudge Sunil – “dei, maam is watching us da”. His reply “so what?” We had lots of fun though we did get caught sometimes. But then, what is a single grain of salt in a sugar mixture?

Finally, the sems came. We went, saw, and did ok. All except chemistry, that is. That was a HUGE flop. The compulsory question was “The entropy of the universe is increasing. Comment”. I felt like murdering the question-paper setter! What does one write about for sixteen whopping marks!!!!!!!!!!

And we were further infuriated by Raghuram, our class super-padips saying that it was a very easy paper! Urgh!

Well, we finished our exams and went in a hurry to whoop it up in the holidays! Looking back on the sem, it was superb overall! Hari and I had a lot more fun than most people. We were always on the look-out for something new, so we ended up experiencing lots! Well, I hope the next sem will be as much fun! But then, it will be. This is College of Engineering, Guindy!


3 thoughts on “The First Semester – looking back

  1. It will be very nice when you read what you wrote after 7-8 semesters..
    Even I wish I write a blog about my 1st sem in college and how i changed over the semesters..
    Anyway, keep writing..

  2. That is quite a sum up of all the things we have done this sem da…
    Cool illustration da..
    particularly that mention of Sunil..(mam is watching.. “so what”)..
    now, i am thinking of starting blogging now, but what bad luck… mom is glaring at me, for using the internet so long(Its abt one hour.. think i have been sleeping before the comp..)
    so lemme get disconnected soon…
    some things like blogging and going to gym dont seem to happen to me at all..

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