I`m Back!

Finally, I`m back after a gruelling week – our second assessments got over today.. Let me lay out the last week…

14th November – Had our Fundamentals of Computing Assessment(FOC).. Did ok.. The questions were so good, like ‘What are the phases of C?’ – this vague question was marked at five marks(five out of twenty five.. one fifth!).. most of us just sat around wondering just what this meant.. someone asked the teacher and received a most encouraging reply.. “Write whatever U think is the answer”! We spent some more time wondering if we could squeeze some meaning out of her answer :). When we compared notes after the exam, each one had written a diff ans..

15th December – Had our Physics practicals , the last one for this term.. I worked feverishly trying to complete all the experiments that i should have completed 🙂 Did it by 4.15 ( the pracs are from 1.10 to 4.30).. by that time, the attendants were already giving me wierd looks..Nobody works on their experiments after 3.45..

16th December – Had our workshop class – the last one.. Finished welding.. the viva was a joke.. asked us same questions, received same answers.. Yet each of us got diff marks for viva.. Komedy! Apart from that, spent the entire night trying to finish engineering graphics (EG)…

17th December – EG madam didnt turn up that day.. spent the day at the drawing halls doing cryptic EG problems.. The next day we shud have had the Physics second Assessment.. got postponed..

18th December – RCC Lab.. We discovered how to send inter-network messages.. chatting the whole time.. Went home early to study for physics.. studied late into the night..

19th December – The Last Assess.. did it moderately well.. My eyes were watering during the test.. lack of sleep.. Came home.. Asleep for three hours..now blogging.. Now, isnt that a busy week?   


So what do you think?

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