Of Sweets and Sponsorships :

Yesterday, Senthil anna and Raghav anna decided to go to Sri Krishna Sweets to get sponsorship for Sparks(we`ll talk about sparks later). Vivek and I decided to tag along, to watch two masters at work. We first went to Anto anna`s rooms to get sponsorship brochures. This sounds like a simple task, but it wasn’t. The hostel block 4 was located in the  middle of nowhere! And thanks to the rain and the wind, trees had been uprooted at various places and the street lights were gone. It was a dark, dark journey into the hostel – Raghav anna kept us amused with his version of Anniyan`s background music ( You never get bored with this guy around ). At the hostel, we were met by a angry caretaker, who for some reason, got it into his head that we were spending the night there and kept repeating “Day scholars are not allowed to stay in the hostels after nine!”

Anyway, we reached Anto anna`s rooms – man, the rooms were superb!(compared to first years hostel rooms). With a computer, surround sound and a  cool breeze (it was on the 4th floor), it was coool! We got the brochures and caught a bus to t.nagar to Sri Krishna Sweets` main office. On the way, Raghav anna kept us in splits with his jokes! He really has a sense of humor! Senthil was a little like Lenin anna(the coolest!) – quiet,modest with a great sense of humor.The way Lenin anna and Senthil anna talk was amazingly similar!

We reached the office, where we handed over the brochure to the manager. In the office, two people were playing the tabla and the Veena for ambiance! It was superb. I mean, in other places, they usually use a cd and stereo but here, it was the actual thing! There were also some very beautiful paintings on the wall – The whole office exuded grandeur!

Our work being done, we turned home. I went with Senthil anna till saidapet, from where i caught a bus and returned home.The trip was total fun!


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