These two weeks!

The last two weeks have rushed by at phenomenal speed – it had everything, from joy to sorrow, from assessments to films!

  • Watched Anbae Aaruyirae(Ah..Aah for short). Its a very humorous, very entertaining film. S.J.Surya knows his double-meaning comedy, all right – the movie is full of them. But they are funny. Our class students(about eight of us) went to Udhayam and watched it – Vibin, our class genius, kept us all in splits with his own punch lines. On the whole, it was a very enjoyable film( if you watch it with friends and dont mind double meaners too much..)
  • Watched Ghajini – wow, what a film.Will comment on it later.
  • My birthday was on oct 3rd. Was wished by all my friends. One of my friends called me up at midnight and wished me!
  • Had birthday treat on 10th – reason for delaying it till then ,was , some of my friends had assesments, etc..
  • The treat was a blast – have an ultimate silly reason for remembering it..

So what do you think?

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