We went to see Surya`s latest film,Ghajini , at Sathyam. As usual, it was on a ‘nalla naal’( ayudha pooja). The film was superb – the songs were amazing. Surya and Asin had acted superbly – Nayanthara`s acting was sad. Her role in the film in comic though –  she keeps double crossing everybody! Both  Asin and Surya look great throughout the film – the romance scenes were superbly done! The comedy was great too –  the scene where kalpana tells sanjay about his supposed love for her, the scene in which she invites him to do an ad, the scene in which she tells him that her ambition is to become richer than her chithappa(uncle) were out-a-this-world! The fights were excellent , with surya using his amazingly flexible body to whack the baddies! A superb film,. on the whole!


One thought on “Ghajini

  1. dai..flexible body vechi fight pannaran..but avanukku dance thaan varalai andha flexi bod vechi..:)..nice blog..continue bloggin..!!

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