The Treasure Hunt

I recently participated in the Binary Search, which is sort of a treasure hunt. It was part of the Eureka programme, which was conducted by the CSAU(Computer Soceity of Anna University). The Treasure hunt was cool.

It started at 9.00 am on Wednesday on Vinayaka Chathurthi day. The deadline for submitting the clues was five that day. Our team, which consisted of Shivaguru,Vivek,Hari and myself, arrived there at 9.30. We kept searching for the clues. However, the team which was first seen the clues had ripped off the clues, so we couldn’t go on after the first clue. We informed the organisers(Ram Chakravarthy, Naveena and other seniors) who promptly stuck the clues at the building again. We got to our second clue at eleven and by twelve thirty, we had found the first six clues. We took a break for lunch and then cracked the sixth clue, gettting our seventh clue.

Then we randomly found clues nine,ten, twelve and thirteen(there were fourteen clues in all). We ran astray on the tenth clue and couldn`t find clue eleven. Finally, minutes before five, we found our eighth clue and headed to the Science and Humanities Block to submit out consecutive ten clues.

It turned out we were tied with another team with the same no of clues. so both our teams were told where the eleventh clue was, and told to bring as many clues as we could in half an hour. Both our teams brought back two clues. However, another team which was not in the tie-breaker, came up with three clues and bizarrely, the organizers gave the prize to them! However, we accepted the judges decision in good faith and came home, having gone through a great experience!

We knew the campus well now – the clues led us to various places of the campus – the kotturpuram gate, the post office, the xerox shop, the auditoriams and lot more! It was a superb experience for us!


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