The Quiz

Recently participated in the quiz event conducted by the CSAU. It was superb! Shivaguru, Arun Goud and me participated in the event, which was part of eureka. Actually, we never even expected to get pass the preliminary round! However, we got through due to Shivaguru`s brilliance and Goud`s technical knowledge. We were the top team selected for the finals!

At the finals, it was very competetive. The State third topper,, Shivraj was in a team and they were superb. In the first round, out of the six teams, three were equal and leading. In the second round, two teams, shivraj`s team and us, were in the lead.

Then came the buzzer round. We lost heavily in the buzzer round, with shivraj`s team and another team answering the questions with lightning speed!

Shivraj`s team was truly amazing. Shivraj answered two questions brilliantly, putting his team out of our reach. Shivaguru answered a super bonus question at lightning speed, earning us a hefty bonus that put us in second place!

The questions were superb and well-researched(Especially one about hewlett and packard)! Some questions completely stumped us!

Hats-off to the CSAU for conducting The Semi-Tech Quiz in style!


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