First two weeks at anna university

Starting a blog. Got the idea from lenin`s blog. That guy is the coolest! Well, this is my second week at anna university, and so far, it has been great! Great campus,great friends and great seniors!

What superb orientations! Apart from the official one held by anna university, there were two held by our seniors – from rotaract club, and student qualtity club. The one held by rotaract club was good – we got clear info about CGPA, our teachers and and some great advice!

The orientation held for computer science students by students was superb! Our seniors have achieved so much! Yet they seem so down- to -earth and were entirely willing to spend their time for us first years!

It was there that was i first saw Lenin and Karthik, both super achievers in CEG. Lenin has been recruited by microsoft. He turned down a Trilogy job!!! He is presently university first and has a CGPA of 9.782. Besides all this, the guy has participated in so many extra-curricular events!(and won them too!)Talk about super-achiever!

The other guy , Karthik was equally impressive. He had presented a paper in NASA! He too was involved in many extra curricular activities, yet maintained a great CGPA! Amazing, to say the least!

The seniors made us feel totally at home. They answered our questions(silly and otherwise) about various things. I already feel as if i am been part of CEG!


So what do you think?

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